A World to Save

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The world continues its rush towards climate disaster and has left itself only a small window for effective action to avoid the worst effects of climate change as global temperatures remain on course to exceed the target limit of 1.5c above pre-industrial levels … Continued

The Great Energy Rip-Off reviewed

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In a well-timed, recently published pamphlet ‘The Great Energy Rip Off’, Stewart McGill and Richard Shillock debunk the myths surrounding energy price hikes and make a strong, well-researched argument for the nationalisation of Britain’s energy industry that all socialists should … Continued

The Great Energy Rip-Off

Available as digital download, price £1 https://shop.communistparty.org.uk/?q=pamphlets/great-energy-rip Why Britain’s energy industry should be nationalised. From April 2022, the energy price cap is being upped to almost £2,000 a year for the average domestic fuel bill, an unprecedented increase of more than … Continued