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Communist Campaign Review- 1/1 – Autumn 1986

Rothstein, AndrewA page of working-class history
Durkin, TomFor life on Earth
Bellamy, RonModern revisionism
Benn, TonyNuclear energy
Adereth, MaxThe role of the working class today
Gray, JohnThe labour movement and the AES
Davis, MaryWomen and the class struggle
Hall, GusFighting racism

Communist Campaign Review- 1/2 – Winter 1986/87

Pahad, Aziz (interview)A dying system lashes out
Haylett, JohnPropping up apartheid
Naughton, MikeThird World debt crisis
Benito Escobar, JoseNicaragua
Sawtell, JeffTUC mural
Hoffmann, JohnGetting rid of the state
Whitfield, DavidMurdoch; multi-media dictator
Costello, MickWhat next for the printworkers?
Butenko, A; Kononenko, LThe present system of world socialism
McNeill, IsoldaUCS work-in

Communist Campaign Review- 1/3 – Spring 1987

Colvin, Ray; Bellamy, RonEditorial2
Foster, JohnThatcherism’: Trojan horse for the new revisionism3-8
Lysandrou, PhotisThe vanguard party, and the threat to it from within9-13
Doyle, Mikki; Colvin, RayBrowderism14-19
Doyle, MikkiHenry Winston: a tribute18-19
Hicks, MikeRe-establishing the Party20-22
Field, AnnWomen and Trade Unions23-25
Rothman, BennyForbidden Britain26-27
Rochfort, DesmondDiego Rivera: Myth and Reality28-30
Starkey, LydieIntroducing Marxism31
Frow, Ruth; Frow, EdmundClass against Class31-32

Communist Campaign Review- 1/4 – Summer 1987

Colvin, RayA Communist work-in
Chater, TonyTrade unions under attack
Beavis, Ivan (interview)Pentonville 5
Naughton, MikeCity’s global gamble
May Day posters
Whitfield, DavidIndia – target for imperialism
Bellamy, RonIntroducing Marxism?

Communist Campaign Review- 2/1 – Autumn 1987

Colvin, Ray; Bellamy, RonEditorial2
Durkin, TomFighting Back3-7
Doherty, FergalEuroCommunism in perspective8-12
McKinnon, AlanBritain and the bomb13-19
Ambrose, MikeLabour Party and reformism20-23
Whitfield, DavidNorthern Ireland: breaking the deadlock24-28
Berry, JoeOur History: Daily Worker29-30
Anderson, DavePerspectives31
Colvin, SarahPerestroika31-32
Brown, TonyUnemployment32

Communist Campaign Review- 2/2 – Winter 1987/88

Colvin, Ray; Bellamy, RonEditorial2-3
Burlatsky, FyodorRevolution without shots4-6
Pleshakov, Leonid; Aganbegyan, AbelPlanning, living standards and justice7-9
Chater, TonyCommunist Party 40th Congress: Time to choose10-13
Rosser, MaryThe role of a revolutionary paper13-18
Lysandou, PhotisLessons from the past19-24
Rothstein, AndrewAfter three years25-29
Coyle, KennyAn unmistakable warning – the liquidation of the YCL30-32

Communist Campaign Review- 2/3 – Spring 1988

Tovey, NidgeFacing Facts
Bellamy, RonRevolutionary party
Kelly, JohnCommunists and the unions
Hart, RichardImperialism in the Caribbean
Biggs, KenRichard Hart – a profile
Croucher, RichardOrganising the unemployed
Davis, MaryFighting women’s oppression
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