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Communist Review Index 11-20

Communist Review 11- Autumn – 1991

Bellamy, Ron; Chater, TonyEditorial2-8
Maybin, RichardRelaunching the attack on local government9-13
Evans, WHPlans, markets, technology and transport14-20
Burns, MarcaEngels, food and the environment21-26
Coyle, KennyCPGB and post-modernism27-37
Lindsay, RobertRacism and restructuring38-41
Monteiro, AnthonyA new consensus against racism41-46
Kgositsile, BalekaThe woman question: are the chains breaking?47-53

Communist Review 12- Winter – 1992

Bellamy, Ron; Chater, TonyEditorial2-7
CPB Scottish CommitteeA Scottish Parliament for a People’s Scotland8-24
CPB Study Group, YorkshirePolicy on education: a draft to renew discussion25-29
McKenzie, JacquiGrenada’s Struggle30-32
Clegg, ArthurKarl Marx and social science33-38
Frow, Ruth; Frow, EdmundThe partnership of Marx and Engels39-41
Pink, PeterTom Paine and the Rights of Man42-45
Michael, JamesFacts about the Easter Rising46-48
Communist Party of DenmarkStatement on the abortive Soviet coup of 19 August 199149
Council of Federation of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia andParty of Democratic LeftStatement on the abortive Soviet coup of 19 August 199150

Communist Review 13- Spring – 1992

Bellamy, RonEditorial2-7
CPB Welsh CongressFor a Welsh socialist democracy8-18
Slovo, JoeOpening address to the 8th Congress of the South African Communist Party 19-29
Brown, Ian TJapanese-style management methods30-41
Baillesteros, JaimeEurope, the world and the new situation42-46
Gray, GordonReassessing Marxism47-51
Morgan, MargueriteDiscussion contribution: education52-53

Communist Review 14- Summer – 1992

Bellamy, RonEditorial2-8
CPB Executive CommitteeBritish Road to Socialism: revised draft of Chapter 18-24
CPB Executive CommitteeAssessing the collapse of the Soviet Union24-29
Frow, Ruth; Frow, EdmundFrederick Engels in Manchester30-41
Corry, PaulSocialism, ecology and human needs42-48
African CommunistReview of Matigari, by Ngugi wa Thiong’o49-52
Bellamy, JoanEditorial note on Ngugi wa Thiong’o53

Communist Review 15- Autumn – 1992

Bellamy, RonRecovery – the economic miracle4-5
Hicks, MikeTime to stop the retreat6-8
Berry, JoeSticking to the unions9-11
CPB Yorkshire District CommitteeNew routes to socialism: transport for the people12-14
CPBPensioners: the fight for equality and dignity15-17
Wurtz, AndréFor a free France and a Europe of co-operation: a radical No to Maastricht18-22
Bellamy, RonThe capitalist rip-off23-30
Clegg, ArthurChina stands up on her own feet31-32
Jasper, IanWords to the wise33-36
Sawtell, JeffComplete control37
AnonymousReview of Italian Communism – the Escape from Leninism, by Cris Shore38
AnonymousReview of Neo-Fascism in Europe, by Luciano Cheles, Ronnie Ferguson and Michalina Vaughan (eds)38-39

Communist Review 16- Winter – 1993

Bellamy, RonEditorial4-5
Capstick, KenBeating the ‘real enemy within’6
Hicks, MikeTurning the tide7-9
Bellamy, RonSoviet socialism: assessing the collapse10-11
Chater, TonySoviet socialism: assessing the collapse12-13
Haylett, JohnLearning from the past – fighting for the future14-16
Foster, JohnLearning from the past – fighting for the future17
Levy, MartinChe Guevara and socialist construction18-29
Clark, AlexMemories of MacDiarmid30-39
Bellamy, RonReview of The Good Old Cause (British Communism 1920-1991), by Willie Thompson40-42
Berry, JoeReviews of: Being Frank, by Frank Watters;, Decades, by Jim Arnison; A Short History of Dave Morgan; and The Life and Times of Sid Easton, edited by Graham Stevenson42-43

Communist Review 17- Spring – 1993

Bellamy, RonRecovery and modernisation – by and for the people4-11
Hani, ChrisInterview12-17
Griffiths, RobertMarxism and nationalism18-21
CPB Scottish CommitteeScotland and socialism – questions and answers for the ’90s22-31
McCallum, JimmyA Marxist view of the Scottish reformation32-38
Goulcher, RayGlobal warming – the present position39-43
Frow, RuthBrief notes on the history of the women’s movement44-45
Bellamy, JoanMary Taylor – strong-minded woman and feminist theoretician46-47
Moore, BillHerbert Howarth: A maker of history – Communist engineer and intellectual47
Kaiserman, PhilPlans and markets – the debate continues48-49
Bellamy, RonPlans and markets – the debate continues (reply)49-50
Frow, Ruth; Frow, EdmundReview of Dictionary of Labour Biography, Vol IX50-51
Coyle, KennyReview of Dialectical Investigations, by Bertell Ollman51

Communist Review 18- Autumn – 1993

Bellamy, RonIllusion and reality: the TUC and Europe4-8
Evans, WHSome revolutionary principles reappraised9-17
Munro, Duncan CPR – how and what for?18-23
Westacott, FredPensioners, the labour movement and the year of the elderly24-27
Meggison, DougThe rise and fall of the Wages Councils28-32
Bain, AndyOff the rails: a privatisation too far33-38
Brickdale, CharlesTesting times39-41
Williamson, FrankChe Guevara and socialist construction42-44
Morgan, DaveTrial and error: another look at Erich Honecker Cross-Examined45-50
Coyle, KennyReview of Armed and Dangerous, by Ronnie Kasrils50-51

Communist Review 19- Spring – 1994

Bellamy, RonFighting for full employment and the welfare state4-5
Hicks, MikeFace to face with the new world disorder8-12
Stewart, JimmyThe Irish Question today13-16
Ridenour, Ron The Cuban ideology17-26
Williamson, FrankMaking history27-34
Bellamy, RonPollitt: a life in struggle35-36
Dean, FrancesReview of Harry Pollitt, by Kevin Morgan36-38
Park, EricReview of Education for Change, by Colin Page39

Communist Review 20- Autumn – 1994

Bellamy, RonCommunist unity – the need and the problems4-8
South African Communist Party  Central CommitteeThe role of the South African Communist Party in the transition to democracy and socialism9-15
Frow, RuthWomen, past, present and future16-21
Evans, WHTraffic in towns22-23
McCallum, JimmyThe class basis of Scottish Presbyterianism – its democratic tradition24-27
Fisher, John; Camfield, Barry; Weir, AdrianNew management techniques – back to basics for the unions?28-33
Jasper, IanContemporary world situation and the validity of Marxism – proceedings of the International Seminar of Communist Parties34-37
Coyle, KennyReviews of: The Russian Revolution, by Sheila Kirkpatrick; Communism the Vanquished Spectre, by Richard Pipes; The Tragedy of Bukharin, by Donny Gluckstein; and Indian Communism, by Ross Mallick38-39
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