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Communist Review 21- Spring – 1995

Bellamy, RonClause Four and class struggle in context4-10
Bellamy, RonJoe Slovo10
CPB Education AdvisoryA Communist policy for the future of the education system11-15
Moore, JohnThe problems of the co-operative movement 150 years after the Rochdale vision of socialism16-23
Scargill, ArthurThe history of Social Partnership – a Marxist analysis 24-29
Williamson, FrankChina and the socialist market economy30-36
Crockett, JLabour’s leadership election: is it later than we think?37-38
Clark, AndrewReview of No Wonder We Were Rebels, by Jock Kane39

Communist Review 22/23- Winter – 1995/1996

Bellamy, RonA socialist vision for Europe4-11
Communist Party of Austria Federal ExecutiveAustrian neutrality under threat12-14
Brabaek, Lisbet (Communist Party in Denmark)For a People’s Europe15-17
Bellamy, RonThe capitalism of the transnational corporations18-26
Kern, Karl-Heinz (PDS Germany)Socialism is the way, the method and the goal27-28
Griffiths, RobertOur socialist vision29-31
Sohn, Manfred (German Communist Party)The future of unemployment in Europe32-34
Lengeris, Elias (KKE)Greece and the European Union35-37
Stewart, JimmyThe future of socialism in Europe38-40
Coyle, KennyFascism and racism versus a Europe of the peoples41-43
Carvalho, Zilda (Portuguese Communist Party)An alternative project to capitalism44-45
Cohen, Peter (Workers’ Communist Party of Sweden)A general plan for Europe46-48
Levy, MartinReview of In Excited Times: the People Against the Blackshirts, by Nigel Todd49-50
Moore, JohnReview of Artists for Democracy, Peace and Socialism, by Edmund and Ruth Frow50-51

Communist Review 24- Summer – 1996

Griffiths, RobertEditorial4-8
Corry, PaulThe political economy of the food industry9-14
Sawtell, JeffLoach, Land and Freedom15-21
Communist Party of India (Marxist)All-India general election manifesto 199623-28
Bellamy, RonThe capitalism of the transnational corporations (corrected)31-39

Communist Review 25- Spring – 1997

Griffiths, RobertBritain can take the road to socialism2-7
Haylett, JohnCollective action can transform society8-11
Kelly, JohnNew Labour, new workplace battles12-14
Halpin, AnitaThe democratic deficit in the TUC15-17
Rees, WJThe working men have no country’ What did Marx and Engels mean?18-22
Torbe, IforThe communism of William Morris23-25
Lenin, VIOn the slogan for a United States of Europe26-27
Morgan, DaveSocialism and Stalinism28-29

Communist Review 26- Autumn/Winter – 1997

Griffiths, RobertReassessing the socialist experience2-5
Griffiths, RobertAnswering the national question6-8
Williamson, FrankChina’s road to socialism9-18
Bellamy, RonGlobalisation: some theoretical questions19-24
Rosser, MaryThe Communist Parties and De-Stalinisation25-27
AnonymousReview of Stalin’s Letters to Molotov 1925-193628-29
Ridenour, RonReview of Che Guevara: A revolutionary life, by Jon Lee Anderson29-30
Davis, MaryReview of communist Party of Great Britain 1941-1951, by Noreen Branson31-32
AnonymousReview of Caliban’s Freedom: The early political thought of CLR James, by Anthony Bogues32
Crockett, BarneyReview of More Years for the Locust: The origins of the SWP, by Jim Higgins32-33
Trory, ErnieLetter to the editor: Well worn path33
Clements, EricLetter to the editor: Constitutional propriety33

Communist Review 27- Spring/Summer – 1998

Griffiths, RobertCapitalist crises – a vindication of Marxist political economy2-13
Stevenson, GrahamTrade unions in the new millennium14-18
Engels, FrederickA fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work19-20
Morton, GaryClosing the door on union rights21-25
Ji, LiForms of public ownership in China26-27
Rosser, MaryIs China socialist?28-29
Easson, RichardCo-operativism in the millennium30
Berlin Anti-Discrimination Conference 1997Appeal to world’s jurists: Against political persecution in the German court system31-32

Communist Review 28- Autumn- 1998

Davis, MaryThe Communist Manifesto of 18482-5
Griffiths, RobertIn what relation do communists stand to the proletarians as a whole?’6-7
Foster, JohnIn proportion as the antagonism between classes within the nation vanishes, the hostility of one nation to another will come to an end’8-11
Coyle, KennyThe bourgeoisie has, through its exploitation of the world market, given a cosmopolitan character to the production and consumption in every country’12-17
Walker, Ray150 years of the Communist Manifesto18-19
Danby, NigelObservations on the idiocy of rural life and the Manifesto20
Communist Party of India (Marxist)On the 30th anniversary of the CPI(M) 7th Congress22-24
Sables, GerrardLetter to the editor: Propaganda24
Williamson, FrankOn the surprising longevity of capitalism25-28
Mayo, MarjReview of The Communist Manifesto: A Manifesto for Today, by Martin Levy29
Wright, NickReview of Marxism & Struggle, edited by Mary Davis and Marj Mayo29-30
Hudson, KateReview of Socialist Register 1998: The Communist Manifesto Now30

Communist Review 29- Spring- 1999

Davis, MaryUrgent questions, divided left2
Silver, SteveAnti-semitism, communism and the myth of the world Jewish conspiracy3-5
Fuller, KenChina – the unsettled question6-11
Amos, JackAll the news that fits12-13
Hart, RichardSlavery and the roots of racism in Britain14-18
Hudson, KateUnderstanding the war19-21
South African Communist PartyStop the imperialist war in the Balkans!22-23
Squires, MikeBritish Communists and the Communist International: critique of The political trajectory of JT Murphy, by Ralph Darlington25-30
AnonymousThe last Soviet hero: review of The Truth behind Yuri Gagarin, by J Doran and P Starman31

Communist Review 30- Autumn- 1999

Davis, MaryLabour’s right wing discovers ideology2
Kelly, JohnSocial partnership in Britain: Good for profits, bad for jobs and unions3-10
Hart, RichardWage slaves: British policies in relation to labour in the colonies of the Caribbean11-16
Moore, JohnReflections on Marx’s Wages, Price and Profit17-19
Denny, BrianSocial partnership and the EU20-21
Morton, GaryLabour’s anti-union laws23-26
Davis, MaryThe Third way27-29
Silver, SteveFeminist, socialist and anti-racist: review of Sylvia Pankhurst: A life in radical politics, by Mary Davis30
Foster, JohnWords and class: review of Language, Ideology and Social Consciousness: Developing a socio-historical approach, by Chik Collins30-31
Sables, GerrardMaterial facts: review of Marx and the Millennium: A short guide to the universe, by Frank Williamson31
Chaffer, AndyAngry woman: review of The Whole Woman, by Germaine Greer32
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