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Communist Review 31- Winter – 1999/2000

Davis, MaryHolding up half the sky2
Coyle, KennyNew wave of anti-communism, Part 13-8
Bottoms, GeoffReopening the debate on Marxism and religion9-13
Hudson, KateThe West European left at the turn of the millennium14-18
Prior, PeggySocial partnership in Ireland19
Kane, AnneHard labour for women20-24
Wright, NickRehabilitating socialist realism25-28
Wright, AnitaBreaking the silken threads: review of Women & Class29
Nzimande, BladeMoscow and liberation: review of ANC: A view from Moscow, by Vladimir Shubin30-32
Foster, JohnRegulation, control and ownership: review of A Future for Public Ownership, by Malcolm Sawyer and Kathy O’Donnell32

Communist Review 32- Summer – 2000

Davis, MaryInternationalism begins at home2
Coyle, KennyNew wave of anti-communism, Part 2: Bodycount politics3-11
Squires, MikeCommunists and the fight against racism during the Class against Class period 1928-3312-19
Walker, RayPeterloo – a turning point for the working classes20-21
Biggs, KenMarx and Lenin on Black liberation22-25
Fuwa, TetsuzoInterview: The Japanese Communist Party’s theoretical position26-31
White, PaulChina crises: a reply to Ken Fuller (CR29, pp 6-11)32-33
Sylvia Pankhurst Memorial CommitteeAppeal34
Walker, RayA dedicated revolutionary and historian: review of Edmund Frow (Eddie) – the making of an activist, by Ruth Frow35
Elkind, LizNever counted out! Review of the Story of Len Johnson, Manchester’s Black Boxing Hero and Communist, by Michael Herbert36

Communist Review 33- Autumn-2000

Davis, MaryEditorial2
Kelly, JohnThe Limits and Contradictions of Social partnership3-7
Prior, PeggyWhat they forgot to kill: UK trade unions and the organising agenda 8-12
Gunter, HenryThe recollections of a Jamaican trade union activist and communist13-15
Coyle, KennyNew wave of anti-communism, Part 316-22
Halpin, AnitaGains in TUC democracy: but the agenda is not yet complete23-27
de los Reyes, OscarCuba’s economy 1999: recovery continues28-29
Griffiths, RobertMarxism and the national question today30-36

Communist Review 34- Spring – 2001

Davis, MaryEditorial2
Coyle, KennyRussian Revolution: debates on strategy and tactics, Part 1Mar-13
Torbe, IforMarxism & Religion: a debate we do not need – a reply to Geoff Bottoms (CR31 pp 9-13)14-16
Murray, AndrewNew Labour’s foreign policy17-21
Sohn, ManfredGlobalisation or continentalisation? Some thoughts on German-Continental-Europe imperialism22-25
Hart, RichardUS influence in the Caribbean region26-32

Communist Review 35- Autumn – 2001

Davis, MaryEditorial2
Seifert, RogerWither manufacturing. UK?3-6
Benn, TonyEurope: a challenge for the labour movement7-8
Davis, MaryThe gender pay gap9-10
Webb, SamIn the belly of the beast: US Communists speak out, Part 111-17
Foster, JohnThe case for communism18-22
Keable, KenJames Connolly and Esperanto23-26
Jenkins, MartinMarxism and religion: a synthesis?27-28

Communist Review 36- Spring – 2002

Davis, MaryEditorial: War and history2
Murray, AndrewThe imperialist war: issues for discussion3-8
Webb, SamIn the belly of the beast: US Communists speak out, Part 29-12
Coyle, KennyRussian Revolution: debates on strategy and tactics, Part 213-25
Callow, JohnThe struggle and sacrifice of Gusta Fucikova26-29
Callow, JohnReview of The Death of Uncle Joe, by Alison Mcleod30-31
Camey, JuanJorge Amado, voice of the Brazilian people32-36

Communist Review 37- Autumn – 2002

Davis, MaryEditorial: Peace and privatisation4
Michie, JonathanNew labour’s economic policies and thinking: taking politics out of economic policy5-8
Seifert, RogerThe economics of the public sector10-16
Renton, SimonThe state and the crisis in higher education17-22
Stevenson, GrahamOpen transport market or social regulation? A critique of the European Union Commission’s White Paper on Transport22-29
Morgan, DavePre-Crisis? What Pre-Crisis? Reassessing the Brezhnev period in the Soviet Union30-36
Muhsin, AbdullahIraq: No to war, no to the dictatorship37-41
Fuller, KenA union on the move: Communists and the transport workers of New York. Review of In Transit: The Transport Workers Union in New York City, by Joshua B Freeman42-44
Palestinian People’s PartyWe call for awareness and unity to confront the Ben Eliezer plan45
Communist Party of BrazilGovernment violence aggravates Colombian impasse45-46
Iraqi Communist PartyFor a united opposition to the Saddam dictatorship and war46

Communist Review 38- Spring – 2003

Davis, MaryEditorial: Imperialism and British labour4-6
Foster, JohnOil and American imperialism8-11
Griffiths, RobertGlobalisation: a new emerging phase of imperialism12-19
Communist, Workers and Left PartiesStop the aggressive war on Iraq!19
Atherton, LizUS imperialism in Colombia20-27
Webb, SamBush’s new military doctrine28-29
South African Communist PartyGlobalisation and imperialism30-35
Communist Party of SudanPolitical power and revolutionary struggle36
Communist Party of IsraelThe way to an Israeli-Palestinian peace37-40
Iraqi Communist PartyCapitalist globalisation, alternatives, resistance and the communist role40-41
Biggs, KenWorking class internationalism41-42
Stevenson, GrahamReview of The Communist Party of Great Britain since 1920, by James Eaden and David Renton43-44
Lenin, VIOn the slogan ‘For a United States of Europe’45-46

Communist Review 39- Autumn – 2003

Davis, MaryEditorial: Ramsay MacDonald and Tony Blair4
Ironside, Mike; Seifert, RogerNeoliberalism and the public sector6-13
White, JonathanIn defence of historical materialism12-17
Morton, GaryLabour’s labour law strategy18-21
Kelly, JohnThe British union movement today22-23
Renton, SimonHigher education – oblique future?24-25
Jones, JerryThe concept of surplus labour and its role in economic analysis26-31
Ghosh, JayatiImperialism, fundamentalism and the use of terror32-37
Webb, SamWe are living in dangerous times … But together we can build a better world38-42
Callow, JohnReview of Dimitrov and Stalin, 1934-1943. Letters from the Soviet archives43-44
Boňcza, MichalReview of Breaking of the South Slav Dream: the Rise and Fall of Yugoslavia, by Kate Hudson45
Biggs, KenReview of Strange Fruit: Billie Holliday, Café Society, and an Early Cry for Civil Rights, by David Margolick46

Communist Review 40- Spring – 2004

Davis, MaryEditorial: New Labour, trade unions and extra-Parliamentary struggle5
Squires, MikeBritish Communists and elections – 1920-19356-13
McKenzie, RogerPivotal inspiration behind Black caucuses within the British labour movement14-19
Foster, JohnCounting or explaining? Surplus labour versus surplus value20-21
Wright, NickThe anti-war movement22-27
Balaguer Cabrera, José RamónThe Marxist left’s politics of alliances at the beginning of the twenty-first century28-32
Keable, KenReview of Fashioning a New World: A History of the Woodcraft Folk, by Mary Davis33-34
Davis, MaryReview of A New Labour Nightmare: The return of the ‘Awkward Squad’, by Andrew Murray35
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