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Communist Review 41- Summer – 2004

Granville, DavidCrunch time for Blair and the Good Friday deal2-9
Green, JohnShaking off Thatcher’s painful legacy10-14
Muhsin, AbdullahTrade unions in the new Iraq15-17
Davis, MaryWhat’s wrong with diversity politics?16-22
Graham, MartinSurplus value and profit23-24
Street, RaeBallistic missile defence25-28
Cottingham, SteveThe Miami Five29-37
Green, JohnAn icon for our times: review of Interesting Times – A Twentieth Century Life, by Eric Hobsbawm38-39

Communist Review 42- Autumn – 2004

Davis, MaryEditorial: The challenge of unions saying enough is enough!2-3
Stevenson, GrahamLabour: Corporatism vs the People4-11
Rix, MickInterview: Labour Representation Committee12-13
Kelly, JohnHow an the unions change Labour Government policy?14-17
Foster, JohnOpposing the European Constitution: who will lead?18-23
Davis, MaryUniting around a campaigning programme: a Charter for Women24-25
Kane, AnneRight to choose under threat26-27
Silver, SteveCampaign locally to beat racists28-30
Fuller, KenPhilippines: Has Arroyo got what it takes?31-38
Morton, GaryLabour’s labour law strategy revisited39-47

Communist Review 43- Spring – 2005

Davis, MaryEditorial: Popular sovereignty, globalisation and the new European Constitution: seminar for European Communist and Left parties2
Vartianen, MikkoFor peace and socialism3-5
Stehr, HeinzTheory is necessary6-8
Seretakis, NikosInstitutionalising inequality8-10
Riemenschneider, EnidSpeculating and gambling?11-12
McCartan, Eugene1000 amendments ignored18-19
Davis, MaryIraq: Confronting misconceptions20-23
Einarsson, MatsOffensive against public ownership24-25
Charfo, HassanGlobalisation strategy of imperialism26-28
Portuguese Communist Party 17th CongressMultiplication of asymmetries28-33
Griffiths, RobertGlobalisation and popular sovereignty33-36
Russell, RalphOn election policy37-40
Latham, PeterTwo issues: falling of profit and socialist economy41-43

Communist Review 44- Summer – 2005

Davis, MaryEditorial: A historic third term2-4
Griffiths, RobertWhich way forward for the left?5-10
Stevenson, GrahamWither Warwick?11-19
Barlow, KeithThe EU Constitution’s implications on the right to work20-24
Armstrong, ElisabethAt war: Women in the United States in 200525-27
Shomali, NavidIs Iran the next target for the US policy of “regime change”?28-33
Modrow, HansAnnual Marx Oration, 13 March 200534-36
Fuller, KenThe Muslim insurgency in the Philippines37-46

Communist Review 45- Autumn – 2005

Davis, MaryEditorial: the political party season is over2-3
Davis, MaryImperialism and fundamentalism4-10
AnonymousPolitical Islam in the Middle East11-14
Coyle, KennyMao Zedong12-22
Communist Party USA 28th National ConventionResolution on the Iraq War23
Communist Party USA 28th National ConventionResolution of Solidarity with the Iraqi Communist Party23
Webb, SamReflections on socialism24-32
Marquit, ErwinPolitical consequences of the premature socialisation of agriculture in the Soviet Union33-41

Communist Review 46- Spring – 2006

Davis, Mary; Stevenson, GrahamEditorial: ‘Our History’2-3
Ahmad, AijazBolivia: Is socialism possible?4-11
Foster, JohnState monopoly capitalism in Britain: a contribution to debate12-18
Stevenson, LesleyWomen workers and the new industries of the 1930s19-26
McCartan, EugeneImperialism today and the role of anti-imperialist forces27-32
Iraqi Communist Party International Relations CommitteeAbout the situation in Iraq and the position of the Iraqi Communist Party33-36
Coyle, KennyThe Chinese Revolution: the first stage 1920-2737-44

Communist Review 47- Summer – 2006

Davis, MaryEditorial2-3
Metscher, PriscillaThe relevance of James Connolly in the 21st century4-16
Fletcher, RogerSocialism: reflections and realities17-19
Ahmad, AijazBolivia: the Latin American context20-27
Stevenson, GrahamFrom the “Lucas Girls’ Joy” to “We Won’t Pay”: Birmingham Communists in action in the 1930s28-35
Kelly, JohnReview of Driven by Ideals: A History of ASLEF, by Rob Griffiths36-37
Graham, MartinReview of The New Value Controversy and the Foundations of Economics, by Alan Freeman, Andrew Kliman and Julian Wells37-40

Communist Review 48- Spring – 2007

Silver, SteveEditorial2-3
Tyner, JarvisRacism in the USA4-11
Stevenson, GrahamThe formation of a mass workers’ party12-17
Turner, Carol NOT Levy, MartinEnergy crisis: an opportunity for a new realignment18-21
Mayo, MarjWho do you think you are? Identity politics and class politics in contemporary Britain22-25
Foster, JohnConnolly on nationality and religion, class politics and the Second International26-32
Stevenson, JoanneClass, culture and revolution33-35
Sadiq, AvtarWho needs Marxism?36-40
Mortimer, JEMarxism and the battle of ideas in the labour movement41-44

Communist Review 49- Winter – 2007

Davis, MaryEditorial2-3
Bello, WaldenGlobalisation in Retreat4-7
Boccaro, PaulWhat is required from Marxism?8-11
MacDonald, Theodore HImplications for capitalism of a left turn in Latin America12-13
Foster, JohnTrade unions under socialism: perestroika revisited14-18
Jones, CarolynThe Trade Union Freedom Bill: on Brown’s agenda?19-23
Davis, MarySylvia Pankhurst’s communism and the Communist Party of Britain24-37
Griffiths, RobertReview of Karl Marx & Frederick Engels Collected Works Vol 5038-42
Maybin, RichardReview of North Korea: The Struggle against American Power, by Tim Beal43-44

Communist Review 50- Spring – 2008

Davis, MaryEditorial2-3
Sheehan, HelenaThe centenary of Christopher Caudwell4-8
Webb, SamA new stage in the struggle against the right9-16
Coyle, KennyHidden city: Chinese Communists and the urban struggle 1927-1949. Part 1: Defeat and recovery 1927-193717-24
Bennett, ErnaThe battle of ideas and the question of hegemony25-29
Bennett, ErnaThree poems29-30
Sables, GerrardJohn Gregory, shoemaker-poet and socialist pioneer31-35
CPB Executive CommitteeFor a Left-Wing Programme to mobilise and unite the labour movement36-41
CPB Executive CommitteeImperialism and the threat to humanity’s future41-46
Stevenson, Graham; Davis, MaryOur History’: An update on the work of the Communist Party History Group47-48
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