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Communist Review Index 51-60

Communist Review 51- Autumn – 2008

Levy, MartinEditorial2-3
Marquit, ErwinIdeological struggle and the socialist market economy4-7
Coyle, KennyHidden city: Chinese Communists and the urban struggle 1927-1949. Part 2: resistance and revolution 1937-19498-15
Clegg, JennyChina’s 21st century vision: towards an international new democracy16-24
Anonymous75 years since the Reichstag Fire Trial24
Ibrahim, FawziCapitalism – the edge of the vortex25-33
Holz, Hans HeinzThe new in the old – the old in the new34-37
Murray, AndrewWar crisis 200838-52

Communist Review 52- Spring – 2009

Levy, MartinEditorial2-4
Levy, MartinEditorial introduction: Fighting for bread and roses too6-7
Webb, SusanFighting for bread and roses too8-11
Stevenson, JoanneFighting for bread and roses too12-14
Walker, LindaFighting for bread and roses too15-18
Walker, LindaMadge Davison19
Davis, MaryFighting for bread and roses too20-23
Jones, JerryCauses of the current economic crisis24-33
Wright, NickArguments about socialist realism in Britain34-37
Holz, Hans HeinzThe revisionist turning-point38-41
Holz, Hans HeinzThe embodiment of contradictions42-44
Gallacher, WilliamRobert Burns – born January 25, 175945-48
Stevenson, GrahamReview of The Shameful Deportation of a Trade Union Leader: The Story of Albert Fava, by Jonathan Jeffries and Tom Sibley49-50
Levy, MartinSoul Food50-52

Communist Review 53- Summer – 2009

Levy, MartinEditorial1-4
Levy, MartinBeing philosophical5-9
Davis, MaryWhat is … historical materialism?10-12
Marquit, ErwinWhy is a philosophy of the natural sciences needed?13-15
Latham, PeterOrthodox and Marxist theories of the state and local government, Part 1: ‘Classical’ liberal, social-democratic and neoliberal theories16-23
Gall, GregorFor workplace democracy in a socialised economy24-30
Coyle, KennyReview of China’s Global Strategy: Towards a multipolar world, by Jenny Clegg31
Holz, Hans HeinzStalin’s philosophical and political testament32-37
Grove, DavidRaising consciousness: a partial reply to Jerry Jones38-40
Griffiths, RobertReview of The Labour Movement in Britain from Thatcher to Blair, by Keith Barlow40-41
Levy, MartinSoul Food: a regular literary selection42-44
Vine, AndyJunk Food: an irregular cartoon strip44

Communist Review 54- Autumn – 2009

Levy, MartinEditorial1-4
Dominguez López, ErnestoEuropean social democracy: from the welfare state to neoliberalism5-13
Griffiths, RobertTrends in the British economy and employment14-16
McCarthy, RhysOrganising the unorganised: Going back to basics17-21
Stevenson, JoanneOrganising the unorganised: The unemployed and those in precarious employment22-23
Bains, HarsevOrganising the unorganised: Staying visible24-25
Wright, AnitaUnity in the community: Engaging where trade unionism is needed26-27
Morrison, TomUnity in the community: Embracing political trade unionism28-29
Latham, PeterOrthodox and Marxist theories of the state and local government, Part 2: The theory of ‘state monopoly capitalism’30-36
Grove, DavidOn Keynes, George and some land issues: a further response to Jerry Jones37-40
Quille, MikeSoul Food: a regular literary selection41-44
Vine, AndyJunk Food: an irregular cartoon strip44

Communist Review 55- Winter – 2009/2010

Levy, MartinEditorial1-4
Gall, GregorAgitate, educate, occupy! Examining the potency of occupations to resist redundancy5-11
Greenshields, BillThe international crisis and trade union organising: Internationalism begins at home12-14
Stevenson, GrahamThe international crisis and trade union organising: Organising internationally15-17
Latham, PeterOrthodox and Marxist theories of the state and local government, Part 3: Other British Marxist and radical work since the late 1960s18-25
Patnaik, PrabhatIs the world capitalist crisis over?26-27
Clegg, JennyInternational Marxists debate global problems at a time of crisis28
Coyle, KennyOn ‘Stalin’s philosophical and political testament’ by Hans Heinz Holz (CR53)29-31
White, JonathanMarxism and the laws of motion in historical materialism: A response to Mary Davis31-35
Frankel, HymanLetter to the editor: a response to Mary Davis35
Mayo, MarjReview of Comrade or Brother: A history of the British labour movement, by Mary Davis36-37
Coyle, KennyReview of Was Mao Really a Monster? The academic response to Chang and Halliday’s ‘Mao: the unknown story’, edited by Gregor Benton and Lin Chun38-39
Quille, MikeSoul Food: a regular literary selection40-44
Vine, AndyJunk Food: an irregular cartoon strip44

Communist Review 56- Spring – 2010

Levy, MartinEditorial1-3
Dobney, MeganEconomic crisis – the sunset for capitalism?4-5
Mayer, MartinStrong left unions can and do win!6-7
Foster, JohnSuperprofit, the super-rich and the failure of Britain’s ruling class8-16
Yechury, SitaramThe international communist movement in the 21st century17-21
Donnelly, KevinYouth dependency and resistance22-25
Jones, JerryTurning economics into an objective science? A response to David Grove26-32
Northall, AndrewLetter to the editor: a response to Kenny Coyle33
Stevenson, GrahamOrwellian mischief: the politics and psychology of an anti-communist (stimulated by a reading of Orwell and Marxism: the political and cultural thinking of George Orwell, by Philip Bounds)34-39
Coyle, KennyChinese military histories: a review of Moscow and the Emergence of Communist Power in China, 1925-30, by Bruce Elleman; and The Third Chinese Revolutionary Civil war, 1945-49, by Christopher R Lew40-41
Quille, MikeSoul Food: a regular literary selection42-45
Vine, AndyJunk Food: an irregular cartoon strip45

Communist Review 57- Summer – 2010

Levy, MartinEditorial1-3
Mpellou, EleniThe international economic crisis ands the position of Greece: theses of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE)4-11
Pinkus, IanCapitalism in the 21st century12-16
Ping, AiSocialism with Chinese characteristics17-19
Paris, Antonio E; Fuller KInterview: Keeping the fires burning20-23
Kasrils, RonnieEleanor Kasrils: a eulogy24-29
Castro, FidelThe dangers that are threatening us30-32
Turner, CarolConsidering new imperialism, taking a long view of the long war: review of The Imperial Controversy: Challenging the Empire Apologists, by Andrew Murray34-35
Squires, MikeThe bloody sequel to Tonypandy: review of Killing No Murder: South Wales and the Great Railway Strike of 1911, by Robert Griffiths36-37
Greenshields, BillCuba, education and the ‘Battle of Ideas’: review of The Education Revolution: Cuba’s alternative to neoliberalism, by Theodore H MacDonald38-39
Quille, MikeSoul Food: a regular literary selection: Bertolt Brecht40-44
Vine, AndyJunk Food: an irregular cartoon strip44

Communist Review 58- Autumn -2010

Levy, MartinEditorial1
Levy, MartinHarry Pollitt 22.11.1890-26.06.19603
Murray, Andrew21st Century anti-imperialism4-11
Thomsen, Lars UlrikLenin’s analysis of imperialism – a pioneering work12-15
Binus, GretchenThe financial crisis: a consequence of state monopoly control of the economy16-21
Holz, Hans HeinzA militant humanist: on the 125th anniversary of the birth of György Lukács22-25
Maunders, RichardWhy the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was necessary26-30
Jancovich, JimmyThe left and the state31-32
Coyle, KennyLetter to the editor: A reply to Andrew Northall32
Quille, MikeSoul Food: a regular literary selection34-36
Vine, AndyJunk Food: an irregular cartoon strip36

Communist Review 59- Winter – 2010/2011

Levy, MartinEditorial1
Holz, Hans HeinzAntonio Gramsci’s theory of the Party2-9
Fletcher, RogerTwenty-first century vision, Part 1: Three guys named Charles10-15
Croft, AndyHow the Spartans stole the bones of Orestes: the poetry of Yannis Ritsos in the twenty-first century16-19
Little, GawainNew draft of Britain’s Road to Socialism20-24
Keable, KenThe ‘ordinary’ woman with the heart of a lioness; review of The Unlikely Secret Agent, by Ronnie Kasrils25
Foster, JohnNew material on Georgi Dimitrov’s career: review of Georgi Dimitrov: A Life, by Marietta Stankova26-27
Levy, MartinHuman evolution: did Darwin get it wrong? Review of The Artificial Ape: How technology changed the course of human evolution, by Timothy Taylor28-29
Merrett Bloom, JohnLetter to the editor29
Fuller, KenMachismo, not Marxism: a second look at Che30-31
Grove, DavidA further note on the state and on surplus value in Jerry Jones’s recent articles31-32
Quille, MikeSoul Food: a regular literary selection33-36
Vine, AndyJunk Food: an irregular cartoon strip36

Communist Review 60- Spring/Summer – 2011

Levy, MartinEditorial1
Yechury, SitaramOn transitional governments2-7
Fletcher, RogerTwenty-first century vision, Part 2: Do my eyes deceive me?8-13
Patnaik, PrabhatNotes on contemporary imperialism14-20
Jancovich, JimmyThe crisis and the regression of our time21-23
People’s DemocracyFaiz Ahmed Faiz birth centenary: Celebrating the idea of revolution24-25
Foster, JohnWill our ruling class split?26-28
Levy, MartinGeneral crisis of capitalism28-29
Burr, TomTwo theoretical weaknesses30-31
Clegg, PhilLetter to the editor (on Che Guevara)31
Fletcher, RogerMachismo versus Marxism: A response to Ken Fuller32
Quille, MikeSoul Food: a regular literary selection33-36
Vine, AndyJunk Food: an irregular cartoon strip36
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