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Communist Review Index 71-80

Communist Review 71- Spring – 2014

Levy, MartinEditorial1
Quille, MikeTomorrow may not be the same2
Guiton, Chris; Quille, MikeInterview: Building Jerusalem: visions of housing in a communist society3-10
Morrison, AlanPoem: The Headroom Tax11
Coyle, KennyThe Korean ideology: Marxism and Juche. Part 2: “Marx’s theories and formulas … cannot accord with the present reality”12-17
Msebenzi, AlutaThe struggle for radical transformation – key challenge of our time18-22
Foster, JohnBritain’s overseas territories: where British and US imperialisms meet23-27
Stevenson, GrahamGrudging cynicism: review of Notoriously Militant: The story of a union branch at Ford Dagenham, by Sheila Graham28-29
Vine, AndyJunk Food: an irregular cartoon strip29
Levy, MartinLenin’s Philosophical Notebooks: Review of Lenin Revisited: his entire thinking process on Marxist philosophy, by Zhang Yibing30-33
Quille, MikeSoul Food: Those who make bread should eat34-36

Communist Review 72- Summer – 2014

Levy, MartinEditorial1-2
28 Communist and Workers’ Parties in EuropeDeclaration: 100 years since the outbreak of World War 13
Payne, LizThe struggle for peace and against imperialist aggression: seminar introduction4
Stevenson, JoanneA period of unrelenting wars5
Chacko, BenUS war plans in the Pacific6-8
Geropanagioti, EleniFrom the end of wars to the abolition of exploitation9-11
Ali, SalamIraqi people’s struggle against war, for peace and democracy12-13
Shomali, NavidIran’s theocracy, the ‘New Middle East Plan’ and prospects for peace in the region14-16
Communist Party of Britain Scottish CommitteeStatement on Scottish Independence17
Morris, WilliamThe Housing of the Poor (1884)18-19
Clark, JoeAn heroic history: review of Look Back in Anger: The Miners’ Strike in Nottinghamshire 30 Years On, by Harry Paterson20-23
Ellison, JohnChallenging war through ‘ambiguous buffoonery’: review of The Good Soldier Šveijk, by Jaroslav Hašek24-25
Payne, LizAbsolute commitment to the working class: review of Clara Zetkin: National and International Contexts, edited by MJ Boxer and JS Partington26-27
Goodall, AndyLifting the lid just a little: review of Undercover: The true story of Britain’s secret police, by Rob Evans and Paul Lewis28-29
Thomsen, Lars UlrikIn combat against positivism and vulgar materialism: review of Dialectics of the Ideal: Evald Ilyenkov and Creative Soviet Marxism, edited by Alex Levant and Vera Oittinen30-31
Vine, AndyJunk Food: an irregular cartoon strip31
Northall, AndyLetter to the Editor32
Quille, MikeSoul Food: Fighting for the children of this world33-36

Communist Review 73- Autumn – 2014

Levy, MartinEditorial1
Stevenson, Graham; Quille, MikeInterview: Tomorrow may not be the same: Alienation2-9
Durrani, ShirazReflections on the revolutionary legacy of Makhan Singh in Kenya10-17
Palme Dutt, RajaniMarxism and the War18-25
Hutchins, SGThe First International26-27
Dobson, PaulVenezuela diary – selection28-30
Thomsen, Lars UlrikOn the racial theories of Thor Heyerdahl31
Fletcher, RogerPolitical and behavioural traps in the construction of socialism: review of Perestroika and Germany: The truth behind the myths, by Hans Modrow assisted by Bruno Mahlow32-33
Vine, AndyJunk Food: an irregular cartoon strip33
Quille, MikeSoul Food: Bellow out your pain: recent poetry from Smokestack Books, part 134-36

Communist Review 74- Winter – 2014/2015

Levy, MartinEditorial1
Patnaik, PrabhatCapitalism, inequality and globalisation: Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century2-8
Arribas García, FernandoThe struggle of Venezuelan Communists against opportunism9-15
Holz, Hans HeinzTurning Hegel from his head onto his feet: Lenin’s critique of Hegel’s Science of Logic16-23
Communist Party of Britain 53rd CongressOn the national question and constitutional reform24-25
Wright, NickReplacing alienated labour by liberated labour: review of Notes on Ernesto Che Guevara’s Ideas on Pedagogy, by Lidia Turner Martí25
Davis, MaryAn ideological and campaigning vision which needs to be reignited: review of Women Against Fundamentalism: Stories of dissent and solidarity, edited by Sukhwant Dhaliwal and Nira Yuval-Davis26-27
Levy, MargaretCall for a constitution – a modest proposal: review of A Modest Proposal for the agreement of the people, by Angus Reid, Mary Davis and many others28-29
Stavris, DaveLetter to the editor: a response to Roger Fletcher (CR73)29
Vine, AndyJunk Food: an irregular cartoon strip29
Levy, MartinA slogan which will never lose its importance: review of No Justice Without a Struggle: the National Unemployed Workers’ Movement in the North East of England 1920-1940, by Don Watson30-31
Payne, LizAn age-old cycle of destruction which must be broken: review of Life at the Crossroads: History of Gaza (2nd revised edition), by Gerald Butt32-33
Quille, MikeSoul Food: I work for nothing and for everything: recent poetry from Smokestack Books, part 234-36

Communist Review 75- Spring – 2015

Levy, MartinEditorial1
Patnaik, UtsaCapitalism and the production of poverty: TG Narayanan Memorial Lecture 20122-9
Wagner, ThomasOppression and freedom in the Old Testament: Part 110-16
Union of Communist Parties-CPSU 35th CongressResolutions and sStatements17-23
Thomsen, Lars UlrikDialectics of history24-26
Badiou, Alain; Wald Lasowski, AliochaAlain Badiou interview: The targeted and constant use of the word ‘communism’ is indispensable27-29
Griffiths, RobertA celebration of positive influence, achievements and victories: review of Britain’s Communists: The untold story, by John Green, with Andy Croft and Graham Stevenson30-31
Fletcher, RogerLetter to the editor: in response to Dave Stavris (CR74)32
Thomsen, Lars UlrikLetter to the editor: congratulations on CR7532
Quille, MikeSoul Food: Ironopolis, chrome mud and computers33-36
Vine, AndyJunk Food: an irregular cartoon strip36

Communist Review 76- Summer – 2015

Levy, MartinEditorial1
Zigedy, ZoltanThe ‘new’ imperialism2-8
Nunes, AlbertoLatin America: revolutionary developments and challenges10-13
Wagner, ThomasOppression and freedom in the Old Testament: Part 214-20
Bagri, DyalThe class struggle versus the caste system in India and Britain21-23
Boer, RolandLosurdo on Stalin: review of Staline: Histoire et critique d’une légende noire, by Domenico Losurdo24-26
Thomsen, Lars UlrikA valuable book on economics: review of Staatsmonopolistischer Kapitalismus, by Gretchen Binus, Beate Landefeld and Andreas Wehr27
Ellison, JohnEnveloping the core of Marx’s work in a degree of mist: review of Karl Marx: A nineteeth century life, by Jonathan Sperber28-31
Levy, MartinPlugging an important gap for studies of Gramsci: review of A Great and Terrible World: the pre-prison letters 1908-1926, by Antonio Gramsci, edited by Derek Boothman32-33
Quille, MikeSoul Food: Good art is like a lorry – it transports; John Berger interview34-36
Vine, AndyJunk Food: an irregular cartoon strip36
Simon, PaulLetter to the editor: on Alain Badiou (CR75)37

Communist Review 77- Autumn – 2015

Levy, MartinEditorial1
MacDiarmid, HughTribute To Willie Gallacher: A sprig of white heather in the future’s lapel2-4
Hannington, WalTribute To Willie Gallacher: We were in prison together5-9
Moffat, AbeTribute To Willie Gallacher: Willie Gallacher, Communist MP for West Fife from 1933 to 195010-14
World Peace CouncilMessage of Greetings on the re-launch of the British Peace Assembly, July 201515-17
Tassos, StavrosNo submission to capitalism – constant fight for socialism-communism18-21
Holz, Hans Heinz; Schötzel, Arnold; Oehme, JohannesInterview with Hand Heinz Holz: “Revisionists are always Kantians”22-25
Nicholas, TEPoem: Keir Hardie26
Thomsen, Lars UlrikDiscussion: How to define our epoch?27-28
Jancovich, JimmyDiscussion: On ‘Oppression and freedom in the Old Testament’ (CR75/76)28-29
Pritchard, EvanLetter to the editor; on ‘Losurdo on Stalin’ review (CR76)30
Quille, Mike; Thompson, MagdalenaSoul Food: Pens of truth, including ‘Byron’s Waterloo’, by Magdalena Thompson31-36
Vine, AndyJunk Food: an irregular cartoon strip36

Communist Review 78- Winter – 2015/2016

Levy, MartinEditorial1
Brenner, Hans-PeterIslam as reflected in the Marxist critique of religion2-11
Binus, Gretchen; Landefeld, Beate; Weher, AndreasState monopoly capitalism, Chapter 1: the origin of state monopoly capitalism10-19
Griffiths, RobertLeadership and rebellion in the labour movement: SO Davies Memorial Lecture, 15 October 201520-23
Jenkins, MartinMao Zedong: On contradiction24-28
Thomsen, Lars Ulrik; Levy, MartinLetter to the editor and response: Bourgeois trends in the labour movement – on “Revisionists are always Kantians” (CR77)28
Thomsen, Lars UlrikNordahl Grieg’s commitment to peace29-31
Quille, MikeSoul Food: The same chain of mountains encompasses us all32-36

Communist Review 79- Spring – 2016

Levy, MartinEditorial1
McCartan, EugeneThe 1916 Dublin Easter Rising: a risen people challenges the empire2-7
Cohen, JackMarxism versus reformism in the 1926 General Strike8-15
Binus, Gretchen; Landefeld, Beate; Weher, AndreasState monopoly capitalism, Chapter 2: The history of SMC theory16-22
Thomsen, Lars UlrikSocial theory without Marxism: review of We Make Our Own History – Marxism and social movements in the twilight of neoliberalism, by Laurence Cox and Alf Gunwald Nilsen23
Jancovich, JimmyThe French anomaly24-27
Davis, MaryWomen workers in trade unions – still much room for improvement: review of Women Workers & the Trade Unions, by Sarah Boston28-31
Quille, MikeSoul Food: Let the poet lift the hammer – the prophetic poetry of Fred Voss32-36
Platt, LaurenceLetter to the editor: response to Jimmy Jancovich (CR77)36

Communist Review 80- Summer – 2016

Levy, MartinEditorial1
Fuller, KenDistortions of the Spanish Civil War2-7
Binus, Gretchen; Landefeld, Beate; Weher, AndreasState monopoly capitalism, Chapter 3: Topicality of the SMC analysis8-20
Wright, NickA ruling class divided … and spurned20-21
Levy, MartinSpace, time and dialectics, Part 1.  Extended critique of The Singular Universe and the Reality of Time, by Roberto Mangabeira Unger and Lee Smolin 22-25
Thomsen, Lars UlrikInternationalism – past, present and future26-28
Jancovich, JimmyDiscussion: On Hans-Peter Brenner’s article, ‘Islam as reflected in the Marxist critique of religion’ (CR78)29-30
Coyle, KennyWhich way for Philippine communism? Review of The Lost Vision: the Philippine Left 1986-2010, by Ken Fuller31-32
Quille, MikeSoul Food: “Poets exploding like bombs” – poetry from the Spanish Civil War32-36
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