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Communist Review Index 91-100

Communist Review 91- Spring – 2019

Levy, MartinEditorial1
Wilkinson, RobertBrexit – deal or no deal?2-7
Palme Dutt, RajaniFifty years of the world revolution8-14
Durrani, ShirazKenya resists: artists challenge the hawk in the sky15-19
Farrell, JennyRosa and Karl20-21
Baur, MarionTakes more than guns to kill a woman21
Quille, MikeCulture matters to the many, not the few22-25
Levy, MartinRobert Burns: For Scotland, Britain and the world26-27
Coyle, KennyA welcome but flawed perspective on Chinese economic policies: review of From Commune to Capitalism: How China’s peasants lost collective farming and gained urban poverty, by Zhun Xu28-29
Taylor, John RathboneAlienated Cynic to Latent Optimist: review of Hardboiled Activist – The work and politics of Dashiell Hammett, by Ken Fuller29-31
Thomsen, Lars UlrikLetter to the editor: Fascism in Britain31
Quille, MikeSoul Food: It is hope that we make grow32-36

Communist Review 92- Summer – 2019

Levy, MartinEditorial1
Chandrasekhar, CPLearning to plan: revisiting the Soviet experiment2-9
Marshall, PierrePasokification: social democracy in crisis10-16
Ritchie, CEconomics and Suicide17-21
Roberts, MichaelHM Athens: Greeks bearing gifts22-25
Levy, MartinA really useful collection: review of Marx200: The significance of Marxism in the 21st Century, edited by Mary Davis 26-29
Briscoe, TonyA history and example that will inform us: A Socialist Defector: from Harvard to Karl-Marx-Allee, by Victor Grossman29-31
Quille, MikeSoul Food: Everybody knew the truth32-35
Conway, Tony; Foster, John; Griffiths, Rob; Payne, LizLetter to the editor: Fascism in Britain35
Communist Party of BritainCommunist Party: A century in the service of the working class36

Communist Review 93- Autumn – 2019

Levy, MartinEditorial1
Hunter, JohnnieA grim outlook for Britain’s youth2-6
Thomsen, Lars UlrikNational sovereignty as the road to socialism6-7
Tuteja, KLRemembering the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre8-15
Jie, LiMarxism: A new era, new requirement and new environment16-19
Losurdo, DomenicoThe unity of philosophy and politics21-24
Monal, IsabelHolz and revolutionary Cuba25
Fernandes, CyprianFly-on-the-wall revelations: Forward to Independence: My Memoirs, by Fitz de Souza26-29
Foster, JohnValuable Resource for Political Education and Debate: Marx 200: A review of Marx’s economics 200 years after his birth, by Michael Roberts 30-31
Quille, MikeSoul Food: Fred Voss: ‘Unstoppable as the sunlight’32-35
Katz, Phil100 years of struggle36

Communist Review 94- Winter – 2019/2020

Levy, MartinEditorial1
Brown, MollieWomen and austerity2-7
Ritchie, CThe British catering industry8-11
Monal, IsabelApproaches to current imperialism12-18
Vandepitte, Marc; Sauw Tjhoi, NgChina will shake the whole world20-25
Wright, NickJohn Heartfield: photo monteur and revolutionary: review of exhibition, Heartfield: One Man’s War, at the Four Corners Gallery, Bethnal Green26-29
Coyle, KennyInternational communism starts here: Red Star Over the Third World 30
Levy, MartinA significant step forward for Kenya socialists: review of The Kenya Socialist, No 1, edited by Shiraz Durrani and Kimami Waweru 31
Stevenson, GrahamAn eclectic welding of ‘Menshevism’, Eurocommunism and ultra-leftism: British Communism and the Politics of Race, by Evan Smith 32-33
Quille, MikeSoul Food: The Children of the Nation34-36

Communist Review 95- Spring – 2020

Levy, MartinEditorial1-2
Palme Dutt, RajaniLeninism lives4-9
Levy, MartinLeninism, democracy and Britain’s road to socialism10-18
Lenin, VIOn the national pride of the Great Russians20-21
Grove, David1945 and its aftermath; 75th anniversary of VE-Day22-24
Thomsen, Lars UlrikVictory in the great class struggle25-26
Thomsen, Lars UlrikThe Danish people’s strike of August 194327-28
Simon, PaulStruggle on the buses: review of Love and Labour: Red Button Years, Vol 1, by Ken Fuller 29
Levy, MartinSoul Food: Epic poetry to remember an epic struggle30-35

Communist Review 96- Summer – 2020

Levy, MartinEditorial1
Griffiths, RobertThe first 100 years of the Communist Party in Britain2-10
Kerrigan, PeterThe Party in the industrial struggle, Part 1: 1920-197012-18
Cox, Idris100 years against imperialism, Part 1: 1920-197020-27
Katz, PhilThe Communist Party from 1939 to the campaign for a second front28-34
Thomsen, Lars Ulrikletter to the editor: Congratulations to the Communist Party of Britain34
Levy, MartinSoul Food: Poets of commitment36-42
Lock, FranFlags, fascism, mourning and the machinery of capitalism43-44

Communist Review 97- Autumn – 2020

Levy, MartinEditorial1
Green, JohnBicentenary of the birth of Frederick Engels2-6
Halpin, Anita; Jones, CarolynThe Communist Party in the industrial struggle: 1970-20207-13
Foster, John; Payne, Liz; Coyle, Kenny; Griffiths, RobertCommunist internationalism: completing the century14-22
Sheehan, HelenaMarxism, science and covid-1924-28
Crossley, JamesApocalypse! Pandemic and pandemonium in public history and imagination30-34
Havard, JonathanInspiring Examples: review of Red Lives: Communists and the struggle for socialism edited by Simon Meddick, Liz payne and Phil Katz36
Quille, MikeValediction37
Lock, FranSoul Food: Working-class poetics and heeding the ‘cry of the poor’38-40

Communist Review 98- Winter – 2020/21

Levy, MartinEditorial1
Green, NanThe Communist Party and the War in Spain2-8
Smethurst, John; Frow, Edmund; Frow, RuthFrederick Engels and the English working-class movement in Manchester, 1842-184410-15
Purkayastha, PrabirThree problems of reading Engels and why we need to16-17
Bernal, John DesmondEngels and science18-22
Scobie, GordonBritain’s informal empire in China: the 1839-42 Opium War and the acquisition of Hong Kong24-27
Thomsen, Lars UlrikThe decline of capitalism28-29
Payne, LizNot only a ‘must read’ but a ‘must act on’ script: review of Women and Class, by Mary Davis30-32
Simon, PaulAn influence far beyond numbers: review of A Centenary for Socialism: Britain’s Communist Party 1920-2020, edited by Mary Davis32
Lock, FranSoul Food: Yes, art is work – but it is also art34-36

Communist Review 99- Spring – 2021

Levy, MartinEditorial1
Cartmail, GailAccess to decent work underpinned by a ‘social floor’3
Roberts, MichaelWork not toil4-6
Impett, LeonardoThe challenge of artificial intelligence6-8
Huws, UrsulaThe digitalisation of labour8-10
Maybury, AndrewSurveillance and control of workers10-11
McKenzie, RogerOrganising in the workplace11-12
Burke, TonyWinning shorter working time12-13
Woolley, SarahNever a more important time to organise13-15
Ewing, KeithWorkers’ rights, covid-19 and the future of work15-16
Bain, AndyFighting unemployment17-18
Communist Party of Britain Future of Work GroupDoes capital still need labour?19-21
Vandepitte, MarcVaccination campaign: How long will we tolerate the omnipotence of the pharmaceutical giants?22-23
Meleady, SeanHow do intellectuals view communism in the 21st Century?24-28
Foster, JohnA fitting tribute to Engels’ continuing legacy: review of Engels 200 – his contribution to political economy, by Michael Roberts 29
Samarbakhsh, LydiaThe Paris Commune30-31
Lock, FranSoul Food: On Priti Patel, practical solidarity, poetry and preservation32-35

Communist Review 100- Summer – 2021

Levy, MartinEditorial1
Crossley, JamesJohn Ball, the English Peasants’ Revolt, and the Communist Party2-7
Stevenson, GrahamFred Thompson, the TGWU, the Communist Party and the Minority Movement8-16
Pitman, RuthIn defence of the laws of dialectical materialism18-23
Jenkins, MartinMarx, Stirner and human nature24-28
Vandepitte, MarcCovid-19: Why the anger of young people is justified30-31
Communist Party of GreeceLetter to the editor32-33
Thomsen, Lars UlrikLetter to the editor: Communist Review No 10033
Lock, FranSoul Food: On writing Thatcher – poetry, particularity and witnessing to history34-36
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