‘Defend socialism and democracy’ – Communists

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The Communist Party has condemned Keir Starmer’s decision to refuse Jeremy Corbyn readmission to the Parliamentary Labour Party as ‘yet another attack on the left in the labour movement’.

The CP political committee urged all socialists and trade unionists to ‘rise to the challenge thrown down by Starmer and his hand-picked Labour general secretary David Evans to purge their party of socialist influence’.

Britain’s Communists pointed to the latter’s record when assistant general secretary of the Labour Party under the leadership of Tony Blair.

‘He was notorious for his hostility to the left, his open contempt for “representative democracy” in the party and his enthusiastic support for the Israeli state’s policy of oppressing the Palestinian people’, the CP political committee declared.

‘It is in the interests of all socialists to defend the democratic principles of Britain’s labour movement and its mass organisations’, CP general secretary Robert Griffiths insisted.

He pointed out that Jeremy Corbyn was re-elected as a Labour MP last December, is a Labour Party member today and – according to Chapter 5 Clause II section 3Aii of that party’s rule book – ‘All Labour MPs shall be members of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) and play their part in its work’.

The Communist Party also attacked Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s description of Scottish devolution as ‘a disaster’.

‘Under cover of an attack on the SNP, this disastrous Tory government is rubbishing the national-democratic rights of the Scottish and Welsh peoples and the non-Tory policies that their elected parliaments have adopted’, the CP political committee said.