Welcome to our ORGANISE page, developed for the series of organising events, ‘Unemployment Fightback.’ The CP is growing and we are steadily building our organisation in trade unions and in community campaigns.

Since the pandemic started unemployment has increased by around a million and when furlough finishes millions more are likely to be unemployed unless we fight back.  The communist party is committed to the need to build a movement to stop job cuts, end precarious work and invest in the future. 

On this page you will find events, publications and resources to help organise the fightback.

Unemployment Fightback

Many ideas and actions came out of the Unemployment Fightback events on 29/5 and 5/6 and these are being progressed in various ways.  Some are already being acted on, some will be included in the communist party EC’s Domestic Resolution to be debated at the 56th Congress [November ’21] and some will be taken into the movement via trade union branches, trades councils and Regional TUCs.  The following are some short term actions that communist party branches and members are asked to progress:

  • If you are not already in a trade union then join the relevant one and become active in it and if you are in a trade union look out for information on CP advisories that will be made more available soon.
  • Read and promote the CP pamphlet On Guard Against Fascism
  • Publicise the YCL’s Youth Charter eg on apprenticeships, housing and no zero-hours contracts
  • Ask Trades Councils and union branches to support and send in information on strikes and spread solidarity 
  • Raise the need for Workers Solidarity Centres (WSCs) with Trades Councils to get those in work, the underemployed and unemployed campaigning for jobs together and ask them to consider what resources would be needed, from where. 
  • Raise ‘Sheffield Needs A Payrise‘ type initiatives, possible ‘Get (our town) Organised’ with Trades Councils and ask to consider what resources would be needed, from where. 
  • Support and widen Unite’s campaign on the Universal Credit + £20 which is proposed to be removed in September. 
  • Support campaign for extension of furlough.
  • Support involvement with organisations to stop evictions such as Acorn and Renters Union

CPB statement on Physical and online trade union conferences.  

Please note and use the following communist party statement where you can:

A few trade unions and union organisations have aimed to replicate online the level of democracy of the physical conference but most have not. In all cases the online conference brings a democratic deficit due to the lack of delegates mixing and being able to organise. Additionally, some are not able to participate due to poor internet connection, lack of equipment or inability to use online communications.

The risk of a democratic deficit is also increased as it is easier for a right wing or lazy establishment to limit or manipulate democratic processes.

The CP calls for all trade union conferences to return to being largely physical as soon as it is safe to do so. We do, however, acknowledge the fact that many women find it easier to attend online and that younger people see this as the obvious way to meet, and we will continue to promote discussion on how to best integrate the majority physical conference with the benefits of online meetings, with the aim of optimising democracy for members.

Where conferences are already fixed as online we call for the optimising of the level of democracy.


On 29th May 2021 was a ‘fast and furious webinar’ with 12 well known speakers from the trade union and labour movement:

Bill Greenshields and Molly Brown of CP in discussion, Mark Porter – Unite at Rolls Royce Barnoldswick, Laura Smith of No Turning Back, Johnnie Hunter Young Communist League, Jonny Butcher Sheffield Needs a Pay Rise, Helen O’Connor of NHS and GMB, Steve Turner, AGS Unite, Saby Dhalou of STUR, Rickard Juan Escrich of Movimiento Obrero del PCE (Spanish CP Workers’ Movement), Jackie Simpkins of War on Want, Mick Lynch new RMT General Secretary. 

On 5th June, we followed up with a workshop based morning of activist meetings led by the following:

Pete Middleman from the NEU and Regional TUC, Henry Fowler from StrikeMap, Jo Rust on community organising and local Councils, Tam Kirby on Trades Councils and People’s Assembly, Rohan Kon of Sheffield Needs a Pay Rise, CWU Ian Taylor on combatting racism at work and Bill Greenshields on developing power in the workplace, and Jordi Lopez-Botey from IWGB on organising “precarious” workers and one other to be confirmed.  We hope that all present will have a positive experience, leaving educated and enthused to act.  It is also intended that during the TUC in September we meet again to take this struggle forward.


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You can read Dara O’Neill’s article in Challenge, the online magazine of the Young Communist League here

You can read Phil Katz’s report-back on the first session (29 May 2021) here

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