Virtual ‘Peoples March’

We would like people from every corner of Britain to record a short video about their experiences of unemployment and the situation in their area and what is being done to resist it.  It is intended that these will all be linked to a map of Britain and be shown as virtual stopping places on a virtual peoples’ march.

How do I get involved?

To get involved you need to fill out a form giving us a few details and to make a short video based on the instructions below.

What should the video be about?

The video should record someone talking about one or more of these:

  • Their own experience of unemployment at the moment
  • Family or friends experience of unemployment at the moment
  • Details about the employment situation, industries under threat or redundancies in your area
  • What you and local organisations and people are trying to do about it
  • The immediate and longer term effects on your community

What should the video be like?

Most people will film on a smart phone.  Using the ordinary setting of your phone you should be able to get a good quality video to send to us.  We can add in titles and graphics and do some editing for you. 

Where should I film the video?

Ideally it would be great if  the video could show the workplace exterior or the local area, but for most inexperienced film makers it will be best to film indoors.  If possible, try to have a fairly blank wall behind you and film at a time when there is good natural light and the house is quiet. 

Don’t sit in front of a window or have a light behind you when you are being filmed.

Outside locations are great for giving context but can be difficult to film at and get good sound quality if you are inexperienced.  If you want to film on location you will probably need:

  • Patience and a give it a go attitude
  • Sound will be poor if standing a few feet away from the camera – you will get a MUCH better sound if you can connect an external mic to your phone – check it out on the net where they can be bought for about £20

If you have the experience and expertise then get in touch to share it with others. 

For everyone else we recommend one of the following.

  1. Record your voice – if you are happy to face the phone camera and do a talking head video – great – if you would rather have some images/video showing whilst you speak – that can be done also. Perhaps record a 60 second comment and film 60 seconds walking around a few streets as stock footage?
  2. Or even take some still digital photographs of the location you want to show and sending these to us. 

What about graphs, charts and other information?

If you want to include graphs, charts and other information like in a PowerPoint presentation or Google slides then we may be able to include some of these in the film.  Send us the information you would like to include as a separate file and we will see what is possible.

Format and length

For this project we are looking for short videos, we recommend around 2 minutes in length. (Let us know in the submission form below if you plan anything longer).

Where will my video be used?

If submitted to us you agree that your video can be used on websites and social media platforms including, but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and that the film may be shown at campaigning events to fight back against unemployment and build a movement to invest in the future for the people.

Submitting your video

Fill out the form below and we will email you a link to upload your file(s) to.

    Other ways to get involved

    Order the pamphlet

    Organise an online meeting

    Follow the campaign on Facebook