Greater London Assembly Candidates

Robin Talbot 
is a secondary school teacher from North London, an NEU activist and Chair of the Young Communist League. Robin is standing to “raise the issues of the impact of COVID-19 and to ensure that the education policy is discussed.”

Judith Cazorla Rodena works in the hospitality industry and is originally from Spain. She lives in Newham and campaigns “so that no woman has to deal with the insecurities and discrimination that capitalism brings to the people of London.”

Philip Brand is from Merton and has worked as an NHS worker in mental health for 20 years. He has campaigned to Keep our NHS Public, against the Iraq war and against the racist BNP.

Akira Allman is a 21-year-old politics student at university and a member of the YCL. He says “this system has neglected the most vulnerable in our society. I’m standing for the CP because I believe in nothing more than serving the people.”

Lorraine Douglas is a retired former housing and homelessness manager and has lived in the borough of Greenwich for most of her life. She has been a Unison activist, a school governor, and convenes the Communist Party Housing Group.

Stewart McGill is a Martial arts Instructor based in Greenwich. He worked for 17 years in the financial sector. He is standing as a Communist because “he knows how this capitalism works; I want my two kids to be able to afford decent accommodation; I want them to live within an economic system that works for all of us, not just the ruling class.“

Lucian Branescu-Mihaila is a software engineer based in Bromley. He is committed to unionising the video games industry. Says Luci, “growing up in Romania, I heard many first-hand accounts of socialism improving people’s lives. I want to make that a reality, everywhere.

Anita Halpin has been both London District Secretary and national Chair of the CPB. Locally she has sat as a governor of three London schools. Anita is a well-known trade unionist serving on the highest body of the union movement, the TUC General Council, for 10 years.

Hannah Sawtell Artist, born and lives in North London. Says Hannah, “art and culture are vital foundations for communities; they allow us to explore and celebrate what we create together. Our shared histories and talents are part of redefining Britain for working class people and the evolution of knowledge.”  

Other contests around England

Andrea Burford North Evington Leicester 

Mark Jones Felixstowe coastal

Markus Keaney Hight Town, Luton

Aaron Andrew Longsight, Manchester

Steve Handford Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne

Julio Romero Johnson Millfield Ward, Sunderland

Darren Turner Tower, Bury St Edmunds