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Welsh Communists will fight for the return of industrial powers stolen by the Tory government in its Internal Market Act. Then we can save our steel industry.

After Brexit, 70 policy-making powers in energy, transport, the environment, climate change, rights at work, public spending contracts and agriculture are due to come to the Senedd. Communists demand them in full. Welsh Labour, Plaid Cymru, the Greens and LibDems wanted them to stay in Brussels and the EU!

But we also need fund-raising powers, to keep a share of income tax, levy taxes on luxury development and raise low-interest funds for investment.


Hundreds of billions of pounds have bailed out the Banks since 2008 and big business today. This is public money.

We need it to invest in the NHS, public services, housing, the environment, transport and a social wage and pension for all carers. Public subsidies to big business should be matched with public ownership.


Robert Owen from Newtown promoted the ideas of cooperation and communism in the 1830s – decades before Karl Marx!

The Communist Party has a proud history fighting for the Welsh people and the working class. We have supported a powerful Parliament for Wales for the past 80 years. We campaigned for a Wales TUC and its first chair was Communist miners’ leader Dai Francis.

Communists have always been in the front-line of campaigns for jobs, workers’ rights, public services and better housing – and against pollution and foreign wars.

Welsh International Brigaders 85th anniversary

A range of speakers contributed to the event at at the Welsh Memorial in Cathays Park Cardiff including Will Barton, secretary of the Cardiff branch of the Communist Party (whose excellent speech is published in full below) ; Rob Griffiths … Continued

Remembering Peter Lenaghan

Respected and popular Pontypridd business owner, militant and stalwart of the Communist Party  Peter Lenaghan’s  shop in Pontypridd  was more than just a wholefood shop. It was the focus of Peter’s politics as a Communist Party member and  Morning Star … Continued


Cleaner, safer, connected communities We need to make sure that people can travel for work within or near their local community, comfortably and affordably. That will reduce combat carbon emissions and help our communities to survive and thrive.  The need … Continued

Pleidleisiwch y Blaid Gomiwnyddol! – Ffederaliaeth Flaengar

A ninnau wedi gadael yr UE bellach, mae yna gyfle i greu Prydain ffederal flaengarol seiliedig ar hunanlywodraeth, cyfartaledd a chydgefnogaeth rhwng ei thair cenedl. Dyna’r unig ddewis realistig heblaw am undeboliaeth — sy’n parhau sefyllfa lle cedwir rheolaeth dosbarth … Continued

Standing Up for Women’s Sex Based Rights

Communist candidates are key force advocating Women’s sex based rights in Wales. Merched Cymru survey contrasts our principled feminist approach with those of other parties. Sex in the Senedd: What the candidates said – or didn’t say. | Merched Cymru

CP slams Electoral Commission on descriptions ban for May 6 elections

Read the analysis in the Morning Star


Now we have post-Brexit opportunities although determination of LibDems and Greens (and many on Welsh Labour) to defend EU policies and reverse Brexit means these are not being fought for. As a direct result of Brexit, at least 70 new … Continued


Communists welcome the votes and the voice of young people in this election. These Senedd elections will be the first in which 16- and 17-year-olds (and legally resident foreign nationals) are allowed to vote in Wales, and some 65,000 citizens … Continued

Public inquiry needed into deaths and injuries in Welsh workplaces

The Communist Party’s lead candidate for the Senedd election in South Wales East region, Robert Griffiths, is calling upon the next Welsh government to organise a public inquiry into accidents at work in Wales.  In a message released to mark … Continued


Jobs that do not make a profit – such as caring for family members — are not valued as they should be in our society. As the pandemic has shown, this is also true of essential workers in the public … Continued

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