Communists have bold, popular and progressive policies. You won’t read about them in the national newspapers as the billionaire tax dodging press owners don’t like political parties that refuse to be bought out! 

So, we urge you to take time to look around our website at our candidates, our policies and campaigns. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly shown that in Britain, it is working people who make the country run. It is our collective approach that can be relied on to get us through the toughest of challenges. This has been proven time and again this last year, as the government floundered and repeatedly failed to protect workers, or respect those who did.

But as we defeat COVID-19 millions will be left without work, working families and children will be reduced to even greater levels of poverty. There will be a dramatic rise in zero hours working and job insecurity. Homelessness and bank foreclosure will put pressure on families and youth will be denied a future. 

Never mind when they tell you how bad communism is.

We live in a capitalist system.  

There is an answer to our problems. That answer is socialism. People power can bring about real change and, as in the referendum of 2016 and the general election the following year, it has the power to stop the ruling capitalist class in its tracks. 

In the local elections in 2022, in diverse wards across England, our candidates will be standing for election to local and county councils. 

Communists will campaign in national parliaments in Scotland, Wales and also for England, made up of English regional assemblies. These should be elected using a system of proportional representation, with powers to raise revenue and to advance democratic control through public ownership, state investment and public procurement.

A federal upper chamber elected by the national parliaments and regional assemblies would link each in the form of progressive federalism. In this way, we would be stronger and more united. 

We will make the case for 

  • council home building
  • taking rail transport into public ownership 
  • ending the monopoly stranglehold of private bus companies on rural life. 

We will campaign for an end to 

  • privatisation in health, education and the care services. 

We will help workers 

  • organise in to trade unions 
  • fight against the iniquities of low pay and zero hour contracts. 

We will campaign for local government that gets involved in the economy and for the creation of a major jobs programme that brings high-paying and skilled work to young people, so they get a start in life, rather than the spectre of unemployment.

Communists are working to build a mass movement for socialist change in Britain. We are standing more and more candidates across England, Scotland and Wales. When the opportunity presents itself, we ask for your vote. 

We especially urge new and young voters not to fear the scare stories put around about us by the rich and privileged and the monopoly billionaire-owned media.

This is Socialism

  • Economic planning
  • Long term investment
  • Full employment
  • A world-class NHS
  • Homes for all
  • Green energy
  • No more privatisation
  • Food for all
  • Efficient public transport
  • Dignity in old age
  • A future for youth
  • Real democracy

This is Capitalism

  • Crisis and austerity
  • Insecurity
  • Unemployment
  • Poverty
  • Foodbanks
  • Homelessness
  • Racism
  • Billionaire tax havens
  • Monopoly power
  • Crime and corruption
  • Militarism and war