Communist Party’s summer warning on energy prices

The Communist Party political commission has issued a warning to workers that the summer months will come to an abrupt and deadly end when the price cap on energy prices is further relaxed. The price cap did not need to … Continued

Inflation is a Class Issue

Capitalist economics maintains that cost increases, particularly wage rises, have to be passed onto the consumer as if it’s a law of physics. They never ask why profit margins have to be maintained and real wages suppressed. Prices only have … Continued

The Great Energy Rip-Off

Available as digital download, price £1 Why Britain’s energy industry should be nationalised. From April 2022, the energy price cap is being upped to almost £2,000 a year for the average domestic fuel bill, an unprecedented increase of more than … Continued

CP Political Economy Commission on Inflation

The Political Economy Commission has prepared a detailed briefing on the CP analysis of inflation and how the capitalist systems continues to force through damaging rises in the cost of living for workers. You can read it here. Or visit … Continued

CP Political Economy Commission on Government Expenditure Deficits

The Political Economy Commission has prepared a detailed briefing analysing long term trends and short term arguments around Government expenditure deficits.

CP Political Economy Commission on Universal Basic Income

The CP political economy commission has prepared a briefing on UBI. Ideal for use in campaigning and for political education.


“Jobs are lost to the energy industry, profits boom, millions are too scared to switch on their heating, and the Opposition remain silent.” Who will speak up for working people asks the Communist Party political economy commission? In January 2020 … Continued

‘banks & banking’ – a new discussion report by the CP political economy commission

‘banks & banking’ a new pamphlet which challenges ‘bank privileges to ensure that society’s needs for banking are better met’. Available from from Monday 16 August, priced £2 (£1 unwaged).The report has been prepared by the Communist Party Political … Continued

Brexit deal analysis

Professor John Foster, Internation Secretary of the Communist Party, sets out the tasks of the Left in response to Johnson’s Brexit deal and ongoing negotiations. THE first thing to say about the UK Trade and Co-operation Agreement with the EU … Continued