Sunak’s double climate whammy – Communist Party environment commission

In its report ‘Net Zero Roadmap’, published earlier this month, the International Energy Agency gave cautious optimism for the world to limit post-industrial global warming to the Paris Agreement limit of 1.5c.  Its director Fatih Birol said that a rapid … Continued

ULEZ – Right policy: Wrong approach

From the Communist Party environment commission. Both Tories and Labour seem to be competing with each other to backtrack on important climate and environmental commitments. The Labour Party is even frightened of campaigning on anything which the Tories might have … Continued

Communists on COP27 – an analysis by the CP Environment Commission

“Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught will we realise that we cannot eat money”. Chief Seattle. The following brief and analysis was prepared for the … Continued

Communists respond to Conservative government ‘food strategy.’

The UK is in dire need of improvement to its food production and distribution systems, much of the population is in food poverty and access to healthy unprocessed food is a luxury many cannot afford.  Meanwhile, domestic food production systems … Continued


It has long been apparent that the current Tory administration has no vision for the country, nor, other than three-word sloganeering, any policies or strategies to address the many crises currently facing those in whose interests they are supposed to … Continued

IPCC report 3 on climate change – Communists warn of ‘business as usual’.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently published Part 3 of its updated report on climate change.  This part looks at how far development choices and the establishment of enabling conditions across the world have supported effective action on … Continued

A World to Save

The world continues its rush towards climate disaster and has left itself only a small window for effective action to avoid the worst effects of climate change as global temperatures remain on course to exceed the target limit of 1.5c above pre-industrial levels … Continued

Saving the planet means ending capitalism

by Nick Wright Climate catastrophe cannot be averted without a planned approach. And a planned approach means necessarily impeding the drive to super-profits, says NICK WRIGHT writing in the Morning StarCOP26 in Glasgow is notionally where world leaders rub shoulders … Continued

CAPITALISM WILL NOT SOLVE CLIMATE CRISIS, SAY COMMUNISTS The Communist Party of Britain has released the following statement today in response to the COP26 summit on climate change: It is a measure of the pressure on Western governments – not only from their own peoples but from … Continued