Opposing discrimination against Gypsy, Roma, Sinti and Travellers

The Communist Party Executive Committee agreed the following statement at its meeting in October 2023 prior to our 57th Congress. It was produced in consultation with people with lived experience in our Anti Racist Anti Fascist Commission (ARAF). The ARAF … Continued

New anti racist nationality policy

The Communist Party has worked with the Bangladeshi Workers Council, Caribbean Labour Solidarity and the Indian Workers Association to produce an anti-racist immigration and nationality policy. With the continued anti-migrant actions of Government this policy, is a call to the … Continued

Capitalism laid bare – barbed wire its only solution

As reported in the Morning Star on 1st November 2022 ‘Children have been calling out for help over the barbed wire of the asylum processing centre at Manston Kent. Migrant groups warn of an unfolding humanitarian disaster. Over 4000 people … Continued

CP opposes Government plans for asylum-seekers and refugees

The Communist Party of Britain stands with all those who oppose the Government’s asylum and refugee plans and above all those who wish to come to Britain and are already here, waiting for their claims to be processed. The proposition … Continued

Combating antisemitism is an issue for all

REGISTER FOR THE ONLINE MEETING https://cpb.tiny.us/4j2mbkx5 Tony Conway explains why the Communist Party will hold a series of events to mark ‘One Day’, as part of its campaign to combat antisemitism, Holocaust denial and historical revisionism. Antisemitism has been around … Continued

Communist Party statement – The Struggle Against Antisemitism

THE STRUGGLE AGAINST ANTI SEMITISM The Communist Party’s long-standing and historic opposition to antisemitism The Communist Party opposes all forms of racism and xenophobia and notes with grave concern the rise of antisemitism as part of the anti-working class ideology … Continued


The Communist Party has reissued David Horsley’s biography of the black, woman communist Claudia Jones. You can read here two reviews of the book by Denise Lynn Associate Professor of History, Director of Gender Studies at University of Southern Indiana … Continued

The Spirit of Cable Street

Communists are participating in a broad-based campaign to mark the 85th anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street, when Oswald Mosley and his Blackshirt fascists were blocked from marching on working class communities to the East of London.  Two leaflets … Continued

Welsh International Brigaders 85th anniversary

A range of speakers contributed to the event at at the Welsh Memorial in Cathays Park Cardiff including Will Barton, secretary of the Cardiff branch of the Communist Party (whose excellent speech is published in full below) ; Rob Griffiths … Continued

Sewell Commission falls at first hurdle

Tony Conway, convenor of the Communist Party Anti-Racist Anti-Fascist Commission writes, “The Sewell led Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities which reported on 31 March one day prior to the traditional April Fools’ Day was always likely to be a … Continued