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Let Cuba Live! – Communist Party call

The Communist Party of Britain condemns Biden’s false and slanderous designation of Cuba as a ‘State Sponsor of Terrorism’. On the 27th February the State Department Country Report on Terrorism 2021 which shows President Biden has fully accepted ownership of … Continued

LONDON RECRUITS – BBC Suffolk interviews Steve Marsling

In the 1970s as many as 55 young British activists went to South Africa to work clandestinely for the African National Congress. Many of them were young communists, who smuggled leaflets into the country denouncing the apartheid system and urging … Continued

The 93rd Anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam

The 93rd Anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam: 93 years of Construction and a Positive Path for the Vietnamese People Written by Kyril Whittaker. This February 3rd the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) for short will celebrate 93 years … Continued

Sixty communist and workers party send solidarity to Tudeh party and Iranian people

SIGNED BY the Communist Party. We, the undersigned communist and workers’ parties, are following with concern the latest developments in the Iran since mid-September 2022. In line with the Action Plan unanimously agreed at the 22nd IMCWP in Havana, Cuba, … Continued

Ruth Styles speech at 22nd IMCWP meet – Havana, October 2022

Statement of the Communist Party of Britain The Communist Party of Britain welcomes this 22nd international meeting of Communist and Workers Parties in Havana. We salute our hosts, the Communist Party of Cuba. We pledge our profound solidarity with Cuba and its … Continued

Solidarity with the Iranian people – CP statement

CPB EXECUTIVE STATEMENT ON IRAN  27th September 2022  The Executive Committee of the Communist Party of Britain unequivocally condemns the arrest in Tehran of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini by the theocratic regime’s ‘morality police’ on 14th September and her subsequent brutal … Continued

Repeal of all laws that undermine women’s human rights!

DOIW condemns the killing of Mahsa Amini and those who have protested her death in detention Statement of the Democratic Organisation of Iranian Women – 23rd September 2022: Victory to the united struggle of the brave women and men of … Continued

Iran in turmoil over the killing of young woman in “morality police” custody

From CODIR campaign for democratic rights in Iran. Protests over the death of Mahsa Amini outside Tehran University on Monday “The murder of Mahsa Amini is the trigger that has set off an unprecedented massive nationwide protest across Iran”, Jamshid … Continued

The challenges of solidarity in today’s Venezuela

These past few months, we in the Communist Party of Britain and YCL have campaigned to support workers in Venezuela who are facing increasing pressures and contradictions. In the early spring, we, the Americas Workgroup of the International Commission, were … Continued

Xinjiang is a classic anti-communist propaganda sting

On 31st July 2022 the group Stand4Uyghurs is staging a series of coordinated, international demonstrations outside Chinese embassies and consulates, including in London, Edinburgh and Manchester, writes Dan Ross. The narrative of the Uyghur genocide or Uyghur oppression – it … Continued

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