International Solidarity
The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win.
Workers of All Countries, Unite!
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Lekki tollgate killings

The Communist Party of Britain has issued the following statement after reports from international contacts about the shootings at the Lekki tollgate, Lagos, yesterday:  The Communist Party of Britain condemns the arbitrary killings of young peaceful protesters in Nigeria yesterday … Continued

Why internationalism is at the heart of working-class solidarity

LIZ PAYNE shines a light on communist attitudes to global class struggle WORKING-CLASS internationalism is the hallmark of the communist movement worldwide. This is celebrated in our new one-volume Communist Party history, published to mark our centenary and which we … Continued

Marking a heroic homecoming with pride

Comrades gathered across Britain at the weekend to honour the return of the International Brigaders in October 1938, whose legendary battle against fascism continues to resonate today, writes LYNNE WALSH JOURNALIST Martha Gellhorn, reporting on the volunteers who fought fascism … Continued


The Communist Party of Britain has condemned Azerbaijan’s ‘unprovoked attack’ on Nagorno-Karabakh, its continuing assault on Armenia and the direct military involvement of NATO member Turkey. At an online meeting of the party’s Political Committee on Wednesday evening (October 7), … Continued

Belarus Briefing

The outcome of the Belarus presidential elections was declared on 9 August. The official results gave Alexander Lukashenko 80 per cent of the vote and Svetlana Tikhanovskaya 10 per cent. The results were recognised by Russia, China, Vietnam, Venezuela, Nicaragua, … Continued

Developments in Venezuela

You can read here, information on the latest developments in Venezuela and how the communists are combatting the counter-revolution. These briefings include an analysis translated into English from the PCV and a complimentary analysis from the Americas Workgroup of the International … Continued


The anti-socialism of the Observer/ Guardian group of newspapers has sunk to a new low with the reproduction on Sunday (July 19) of postage stamps issued by Ukrainian Nationalist groups in exile during the Soviet era.  Some of these stamps, published in the Observer and … Continued

Culture wars and the UYGHURS

Years ago, communist party historian VG Kiernan wrote a pathbreaking book, the ‘Lords of humankind’ in which he mapped the culture wars of imperialism, with crude attempts to capture high moral ground, as a prelude to wars of greed and … Continued

US, Israel, Saudi Arabia conspire to strangle Palestine

Out NOW – latest Bulletin from the Communist Party international committee. Includes latest analysis of developments in the Middle East and the state of the EU, enriched with report back of briefing meetings held with Germany’s communists. You can subscribe … Continued

Britain must confront its racist and imperialist past

JOINT ARAF and YCL STATEMENT – “Britain must confront its racist and imperialist past. In order to fully recognise the problems of racism in Britain and its continued imperialist role, it is absolutely necessary that Britain confronts its racist and … Continued

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