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Culture Commission: Statement ‘Fight to Defend Freedom of Cultural Expression’ & Article ‘Making culture tell the truth about our class-divided society’

The Party’s Culture Commission has issued the following statement:

On the 14th February, the Arts Council of England announced a new policy in which it stated “activity that might be considered to be overtly political or activist “, including activity by “individuals associated with the organisation acting in a personal capacity” can cause “reputational risk” and breach funding agreements”

This move is a dangerous one, which sees the Arts Council falling closer in line with the Tory Party’s various attempts to silence opposition, and despite claiming this policy acts in defence of freedom of speech, will be a sinister ploy which can be used to enforce compliance from artists – predominantly freelance artists who are already at the mercy of an unstable  and uncertain landscape.

When organisations are being forced to fight over smaller and smaller pots of funds, while our own government continues to burn money in its own militaristic endeavours, this move by the Arts Council of England will be a bribe for compliance which stops the people of this country being able to use their human right to speak out freely against this.

We must support all artists, to fight this move and make sure the freedom of speech is retained.

Poetry Matters Facebook Group

The Poetry Matters Group is a private Facebook group set up with the aim of promoting poetry in the Party and on the wider left.

Membership of this Group is currently limited to Members of the CPB/YCL with an interest in poetry and/or a desire to learn more.

If you write poetry, you may post them on this group. You may also post anonymously. Members are encouraged to comment on others poems but are asked to be courteous at all times.

Notices of events, readings, book launches are also posted.

If you would like to join please click the following link: