Welcome to the political education pages of the communist party. Here, you will find resources to support the study and application of Marxism-Leninism as a living, developing approach to understanding and changing the world. Below, you will find our core course on Britain’s Road to Socialism and links to additional education materials. For resources aimed specifically at new and prospective members of the party click on the picture below ‘new and prospective members’ below.

    Free links and/or pdfs are available to everybody giving details of their participation in a CPB locally organised course, or who sign up for a national online course. these courses are Introducing Marxism, Taking the Road to Socialism and Women & Class.

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    Core courses

    Britain’s Road to Socialism, Programme of the Communist Party

    Britain’s Road to Socialism Study Guide

    Women & Class

    Stage 1: Introducing Marxism – New and Prospective members course

    Stage 2 On the Road to Socialism

    Study Questions for Branches, Districts & Nations

    Full Marx

    ‘Full Marx’ from the Marx Memorial Library appears in the Morning Star, bringing Marxism in easily digestible “bite size” articles. These can be accessed by their titles, by exploring one of the five themes – economics, environment, history, philosophy and revolution – or by scrolling through questions and issues raised at MML education events.
    You can read online or download articles – they are excellent for group discussions

    Our Party Library –

    What the Paper Says

    The Morning Star presents a broad range of opinion from across the spectrum of the working class and progressive movement – with the Trades Unions at its heart and head. By decision of the reader shareholders of the Morning Star, the paper’s editorial policy is led by Britain’s Road to Socialism – the program of the Communist Party, and its daily editorial is written with this very firmly in mind.

    Marx Memorial Library & Workers’ School

    Marx Memorial Library & Workers’ School was founded in 1933 with the aim of advancing education, knowledge and learning in all aspects of the science of Marxism, the history of Socialism and the working class movement. The Library’s education programme – online and onsite – examines subjects ranging from Marxist political economy to socialist art.