A Charter for Women

A Charter for Women – is published by the National Assembly of Women www.sisters.org.uk Women have always fought for their long-denied rights; we must do so again. We hope to inspire a new and inclusive socialist feminist theory and practice that … Continued

Female Inheritance Right

“India is very patriarchal society, changing attitudes and mind set is extremely difficult and it is a slow process but we need to fast forward it” said Leila Seth, the first woman chief justice in India.  Patriarchy does not dominate … Continued

Violence against women – the ‘Shadow pandemic’

Statement from the Communist Party of Britain and its Women’s Organiser CAROL STAVRIS to mark UN Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (November 25)Throughout the world, November 25th is recognised as the United Nations International Day for the … Continued

Communist Women going forward!

The 56th Congress of the Communist Party of Britain, held in November 2021, was always going to be noteworthy – not least because it was three years since the last one.  For women in Britain, these three years have not … Continued

Standing Up for Women’s Sex Based Rights

Communist candidates are key force advocating Women’s sex based rights in Wales. Merched Cymru survey contrasts our principled feminist approach with those of other parties. Sex in the Senedd: What the candidates said – or didn’t say. | Merched Cymru


In the wake of the murder of Sarah Everard, Carol Stavris told the Communist Party’s executive at the weekend that violence against women has ‘deep roots in the capitalist system of exploitation’.  ‘The position is made worse by inequality, poverty, … Continued

Communist Women

COMMUNIST WOMEN – the publishing of Communist Women is a boost to the struggle for women’s rights, for community and women’s trade union activism and aims to put the struggle for equality, at the centre of working class life. It … Continued