LONDON RECRUITS – BBC Suffolk interviews Steve Marsling

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In the 1970s as many as 55 young British activists went to South Africa to work clandestinely for the African National Congress. Many of them were young communists, who smuggled leaflets into the country denouncing the apartheid system and urging African and mixed race workers to organise  opposition.

The leaflets were hidden in buckets in population centres such as railway terminals and bust stations, then a small explosive device was detonated spewing the leaflets into the air. These were eagerly gathered by workers so they could then spread the word, “the ANC is with you”, “the ANC lives”. It was vital agitational work that brought hope to so many.

In this half hour interview, BBC Radio Suffolk catches up with local resident…still an activist…Steve Marsling to explain what motivated him and how  the campaign went. Its a fascinating story all the more, because it is true.