Communist Party demands real response to Storm Gerrit

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The Communist Party hopes for the safety of all those affected by Storm Gerrit across Britain.

The damaging effects of storms of this kind have been exacerbated by over a decade of Tory mismanagement and austerity and private ownership of the transport network.

We have seen severe cuts to and underfunding of all public services, including on the Environment Agency and flood defences.

This is despite the fact that climate change is increasing the risk of flooding across Britain.

Capitalism and Britain’s ruling class have proven themselves unable and unwilling to address the unfolding climate catastrophe or its damaging effects.

These trends represent a real threat to the lives and wellbeing of working people across Britain.

We demand:

  • Financial relief for communities and individuals affected by flooding.
  • Investment in flood defences and the Environment Agency and a new comprehensive flood prevention plan for England and the devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales.
  • The establishment of a publicly owned scheme to provide flood insurance and new legislation to force private insurance companies to provide cover at a fixed, low cost.
  • Real efforts and a plan to tackle the causes of climate change and a green industrial revolution.