Do your part! Defend the Venezuelan working class!

Do your part! Defend the Venezuelan working class!

Venezuela’s working class is facing increasingly tough challenges amid a gruelling class battle, as it confronts both US/EU imperialism, and also reformism and pro-capital tendencies currently in power in the country. Deteriorated on-the-ground conditions have made grassroots organising challenging, as eight years of recession and the international blockade take their toll on the once ample and efficient healthcare, education, transport, water and electricity, and telecommunications networks.

Many activists have also been forced to prioritise survival over political work, with meagre minimum wages of £25 a month obliging many to take second or third jobs to try to feed their families. All the while, the government looks to place the burden of this capitalist crisis on the shoulders of the poorest by re-privatising swathes of the economy and land, deregulating workplaces, tearing up collective bargaining, permitting a de facto dollarisation of the economy, launching regressive fiscal reforms and granting concessions to, and implementing open-door policies for multinational capital.

Increasingly draconian measures have also seen over 300 worker and peasant leaders detained for voicing leftist critiques of this rightward shift, while others, after leading ferocious local struggles, have been forcibly disappeared and some even assassinated, all without due legal investigation or justice. In these conditions, diverse revolutionary organisations (including the Venezuelan Communist Party and a range of trade unions) face a comprehensive media blockade.

As such, it is the responsibility of the CPB and the YCL to respond to solidarity appeals from the working-class National Struggle Front (FNLCT) and Venezuela’s Unitary Workers’ Centre (CUTV), two class-conscious revolutionary trade union confederations. The appeal looks to generate £5000 in order to supply a range of technological equipment to support workers’ capacity to break the media blockade and take their revolutionary message to the people.

It’s time to Defend the Workers and Venezuela’s Class Struggle!  Please consider donating to support their struggle. 

Donations can be made through bank transfer or cheque to the Communist Party of Britain (Acc. No. 50725694, sort code. 608301) with the reference Viva 2022

For more information please contact or call +447521 464 927