Sturgeon resigns: where now for Scotland’s working people?

Today (15 February 2023)  Nicola Sturgeon resigns as the longest serving First Minister of Scotland after more than 8 years. Turning away from the speeches and the media circus, it is important for working people to ask – what is … Continued

Scotland’s Communists are fighting for Progressive Federalism

The CP response to the Labour Party’s commission on the Britain’s Future The Communist Party defends the right of the Scottish people to self determination and to hold a referendum on their constitutional future. We reject anti-democratic manoeuvrings by the … Continued

Scotland, electoral politics and class struggle

Scottish politics is not irreversibly dominated by a Conservative-voting English electorate.Voting SNP in Scotland is no route to a Socialist Scotland. The Communist Party conducts its campaigning politics both on the electoral front and in workplaces, communities, colleges and universities, … Continued

Homes for people, not investment opportunities say communists.

A construction worker, talking to Leith Walk Ward election candidate (May 2022) Richard Shillcock, compared greenfield new-builds springing up outside Edinburgh and new city-centre luxury apartments. “The irony is, they’re made of the same stuff—concrete, plasterboard, metal fixings. Neither are … Continued

The Nation’s Shame – Give change the green light, this year!

“The number of needles I’ve picked up out of the garden…” – an increasingly common sentiment in Leith, demonstrating just how severe and neglected the situation is. With Scotland having one of the highest rates of drug related death in … Continued

Save Lives – Save Money – Safe Consumption

Sign this petition We, the Edinburgh Young Communist League, have started our Save Lives, Save Money, Safe Consumption Campaign, which aims to spread awareness for alternative, healthcare-based approaches to Scotland’s Drug crisis. Our goal is to see Edinburgh City … Continued

“Turn anger into action” say Scots communists

There is a widespread feeling of powerlessness and disillusionment amongst many working class people in Scotland today.Anger as well.We have a Tory Government in Westminster with a massive majority, albeit it’s a party riven with division, and the 79 seat … Continued

‘Wee Neds’ bit wae big plans!

GAVIN BREWIS describes Living Rent’s challenge to Glasgow’s poverty ahead of Cop26. To read his article, go here.

SNP/Green tie-up won’t help workers

The new SNP/Green Party tie-up means little cheer for workers and their communities. The Greens have helped Scottish Governments get cuts- based budgets through the Parliament for more than a decade. So—little has changed.  Both parties support returning an “independent” … Continued

#VoteCommunist-in Scotland

Scotland’s Communists are calling for: A real living wage for all workers of at least £10.32 per hour. A ban on zero hours and non-permanent contracts, day one employment rights and rights to equal treatment with permanent and full-time workers. … Continued

Register to vote

Everything you can see out of your window was made by working people. Working people, like you and your family. Have a say in all of that. Get out and vote. Vote for your class. The Scottish Parliamentary Elections … Continued

Anti-Racism and Anti-Fascism

From The Battle of Cable Street and the International Brigades in Spain in the 1930s through to the present day, communists pride themselves in being in the front rank of fighting racism and fascism. Along with the rise of the … Continued

War and Peace

Government slammed for ‘shameful’ refusal to back UN prohibition on Nuclear Weapons treaty The threat of nuclear war, by design or accident, is an even more urgent threat to life on earth than the climate crisis. Communists campaign against NATO’s … Continued

Zero Covid Charter

The Communist Party fully endorses the Zero Covid Charter of the People’s Assembly Against Austerity. Read it in full, below. Zero Covid Charter Please ensure that this is adopted by your trade union, CLP, campaign group or any other organisation … Continued

Johnnie Hunter on Scottish independence

Johnnie Hunter summarizes the Communist Party’s position on Scottish independence and the choices and tasks facing the Left in 2021. EVEN in the depths of this Covid-19 pandemic, the question of Scottish independence has remained at the top of the … Continued

Brexit deal analysis

Professor John Foster, Internation Secretary of the Communist Party, sets out the tasks of the Left in response to Johnson’s Brexit deal and ongoing negotiations. THE first thing to say about the UK Trade and Co-operation Agreement with the EU … Continued

Solidarity with Venezuela

Morning Star editor Ben Chacko and reporter Steve Sweeney speak to Venezuelan ambassador Rocio del Valle Maneiro Gonzalez in October, 2019. THE US-sponsored bid by Venezuelan pretender Juan Guaido to summarily declare himself president and take over the government seems … Continued