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To celebrate our centenary on 1 August 2020, the Communist Party hosts a series of free, online lectures every evening from Friday 24 – Friday 31 July to provoke and inspire the imagination.

Some of the most interesting and engaging thinkers and writers on the left today will discuss the Covid-19 pandemic and the class struggle in our lives.

Capitalism delivers social lockdown and economic shutdown at home, imperialist belligerence abroad. Only class politics offers us a perspective on our common experience of social isolation, alienation and the morbid symptoms of neoliberalism. In order to grasp possibilities for change and engage with those who question the viability of capitalism itself a battle of ideas is necessary.

DATE: Friday 24 July – 19.00 hrs

Apocalypse! Pandemic and Pandemonium in Public History and Imagination

SPEAKER: JAMES CROSSLEY historian, on religion, politics and the English radical tradition

DATE: Saturday 25 July – 19.00 hrs

Vital Signs: Literature post-Covid

SPEAKER: JAN WOOLF playwright and cultural activist on writing opportunities and losses

DATE: Sunday 26 July – 19.00 hrs

Probing the Pandemic: Outstanding Questions

SPEAKER: HELENA SHEEHAN philosopher, on what the pandemic reveals about us and science

DATE: Monday 27 July – 19.00 hrs

The Pandemic compels the Left to break from Liberalism

SPEAKER: KEVIN OVENDEN writer, on bankrupt radical liberalism and a return to class politics

DATE: Tuesday 28 July – 19.00 hrs

‘A great and terrible world’: Crisis, Class and Coronavirus

SPEAKER: HOWARD STEVENSON on Gramsci’s ideas of conjunctural and organic crisis

DATE: Wednesday 29 July – 19.00 hrs

Viral Access: class, culture and public space in the pandemic

SPEAKER: HANNAH SAWTELL artist, on capitalism’s culture war on the working class

DATE: Thursday 30 July – 19.00 hrs

Ten-Point Agenda for the Global South After COVID-19

SPEAKER:VIJAY PRASHAD writer and historian, on a New International Economic Order

DATE: Friday 31 July – 19.00 hrs

COVID, Capitalism, Communism

SPEAKER: ROBERT GRIFFITHS Communist Party of Britain, on what comes after Covid

Pandemonium Programme