“Facebook” bans the official page of the Lebanese Communist Party due to its support of the Palestinian people’s struggles against occupation

“Facebook” banned the official page of the Lebanese Communist Party yesterday under the pretext of violation of its “community standards”, claiming that the posts and news published by the page supports terror and encourages killing. In this regard, the media … Continued

‘Tory talk can’t be trusted’ – Communist Party

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Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths issued the following statement today in response to the Tory government’s Queen’s Speech: ‘When a Boris Johnson government talks about renewing and strengthening democracy, it’s time to count the spoons. ‘The legislative programme outlined … Continued

Beware false prophets, CP warns

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The Communist Party has urged the labour movement not to listen to ‘the false prophets of the right’ in response to the May 6 election results. ‘The likes of Lords Mandelson and Adonis only have one overriding aim – to defend … Continued

#VoteCommunist – in London

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COVID hit Britain after 10 years of austerity decimated public services and increased inequality and poverty throughout the Country. Since 2010 we have seen major cuts to public services. Fire stations have closed at a time when the risk to … Continued

#VoteCommunist-in Scotland

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Scotland’s Communists are calling for: A real living wage for all workers of at least £10.32 per hour. A ban on zero hours and non-permanent contracts, day one employment rights and rights to equal treatment with permanent and full-time workers. … Continued

May Day rally 6pm Saturday 1 May

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Saturday May 1 at 6pm, Join us at our biggest online meeting of the election campaign, ‘Vote Communist, join the struggle, build the party!’ Register at: https://tinyurl.com/MayDayLaunch Meet CP candidates and put questions directly to them. It is an excellent … Continued