Becoming a Communist is a serious commitment. Communist party members are actively involved in the struggle for socialism in their trade unions, local communities, campaigns for education, health, housing and rights at work and in the women’s, anti-racist, anti-fascist and peace movements.

You can discuss with your local CP branch how best to apply your activism. The Communist Party does not accept dual membership with other political parties. As a CP member you have rights and responsibilities and can access our Party rule book and activist handbook once your full membership is confirmed.


Join the Communist Party by paying an online registration fee (£12 for 12 months). This temporary online registration is necessary due to current restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. New members are fully admitted to the Party only when confirmed by their local CP branch.

Once you have successfully completed the CP Online Membership Application you will be contacted shortly by a CP branch representative to confirm your membership details. Communist Party dues vary from £1 to £41 per month depending on members’ income. You may increase your membership dues once your full registration details are accepted. If your application to join the Communist Party is refused, you will receive a refund of £11 with £1 retained to cover administration costs.

To progress your application now complete the form below.


As soon as your application is received we will process it and send your contact details to your nearest communist party branch. You will then be contacted by a CP branch representative.

The Communist Party is a growing party with branches in all the districts of England and across Scotland and Wales.

Your application is welcome and we will process it as soon as possible.