Capitalism is a system of exploitation that generates crisis, inequality, corruption, environmental degradation and war. It is innately incapable of solving the most fundamental problems of humanity. The capitalist monopoly corporations and the state apparatus which serves their interests are the main obstacles to progress on every front: economic, environmental, political, social and cultural.

Socialism is the only form of society that offers the potential for solving humanity’s problems in conditions of personal and collective freedom.  Because the working class has the most direct and immediate interest in putting an end to capitalism and replacing it with a socialist society, its own class interest also represents the interests of society generally.

In Britain, the potential exists to pursue an alternative economic and political strategy that challenges and ultimately defeats the ruling class. More specifically, a popular democratic anti-monopoly alliance can be built, led by the labour movement, to fight for a left-wing programme (LWP) of policies that would make inroads into the wealth and power of the monopoly capitalists.

Any such strategy and programme must include far-reaching policies and action to reduce carbon emissions, which contribute to global warming and cause climate change with disastrous consequences for humanity. Through an upsurge in working class and popular action, a left government can be elected in Britain based on parliamentary majorities of Labour, socialist, communist and progressive representatives, and strengthened by the election of left majorities in Scotland and Wales.

To carry out the most advanced policies of a left-wing programme, the mass movement and its left governments will have to engage in a decisive struggle for state power (the means by which one class enforces its rule over other classes and in society as a whole).

A united challenge to British state-monopoly capitalism will require a high level of working class and progressive coordination and unity, maximising the democratic potential of national rights in Scotland and Wales and minimising the scope for division.

Achieving state power and minimising the opportunities for counter-revolution will create the conditions in which to dismantle capitalism progressively and lay the foundations for a democratic, environmentally sustainable and peaceful future in a federal, socialist Britain. 

A socialist society can then be built in which wealth and power are held in common and used in a planned way for the benefit of all, with the working class and its allies liberating the people from all forms of exploitation and oppression.Putting an end to British imperialism – the exercise of monopoly capitalist exploitation and power in other parts of the world – is the biggest contribution we can make to international liberation and socialism.

A Communist Party that exercises mass influence will be essential if Britain is to take the road to socialism in practice, through political class struggle. 

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