To mark the centenary, the communist party is organising a series of major events, some of which will be online. Others will follow as arrangements for socialising allow. These include a centenary weekend gala (online) and a wreath ceremony on the weekend of October 17/18th to mark the farewell march of International Brigaders, through Barcelona, in 1938. We are planning a centenary cultural dinner and there are plans to reschedule the ‘Rich Mix’ club night.


Look out for a new history of the communist party, currently at editorial stage. First to be published (August 2020) will be a book, ‘Red Lives’. It’s an amazing compendium of biographies of communists and their achievements during the last 100 years. Written by family, friends and comrades, it unearths a powerful communist legacy of women and black communists, young and veteran, and real builders of the modern trade union and labour movement. It’s richly illustrated with photos and priced within everyone’s reach.

Centenary Morning Star

Over the centenary weekend (31 July/ 1 August) we will be co-publishing a 32-page supplement in the people’s daily, the Morning Star. This will be a history of struggle over the last 100 years, focusing on the politics, economics and philosophy of Marxism and the British labour movement as well as a record of the internationalism of our party, which led hundreds of members to sacrifice their lives in struggle abroad. It will be available from 1 August as a PDF download.

Centenary weekend

You can view in the page reader above, details of our thirteen online Red Wedge events, which are being held on 1 August and you can also register to take part here


You are invited to visit our shop to purchase centenary-related merchandise. Every pound raised goes to funding our programme to celebrate the last hundred-year struggle for socialism.


We can confirm the Harry Pollitt Cycle Brigade are in training but taking things cautiously and social distancing. The Brigade was due to cycle from Engel’s statue in Manchester to London via Derby and Bedford, where they would present a banner to the Party at its London centenary gala. Check back for news on how they are progressing. They are a determined bunch so the banner will find its way through at some point this year, one way or another, even if it’s in relay formation!

Residential school – North of England

Many young members and new activists have joined the communist party during the last year. So, we are running our weekend residential school again, which involves training in building unions and campaigns, and of course, the case for socialism. Named after two communist ‘giants’ of the labour movement – tenants’ leader Jessie Eden (who also appeared in Peaky Blinders) and a past industrial organiser, Kevin Halpin. There is a cost to attendance which can be collectively covered by communist party branches, districts or nations and it is open to those interested in joining the party. More information will follow.

Conference on future of work – Birmingham, Midlands

Last year, under the direction of South African president Cyril Ramaphosa, the International Labour Organisation conducted the largest ever review of work and the future of workers and labour processes. The report can be viewed here.

The communist party centenary will be marked by a major conference (including international speakers, a publication and live streaming) for workers, scientists and trade union activists, looking at ‘Marxism, the Future of Work and Artificial Intelligence.’ It will be led by young communists active at the cutting-edge of new technologies.

Communist party film

A team is currently working on a new film, ’The Reds’, which will portray the struggle and achievements of the Party and the workers’ movement over the last 100 years. It rests on an original script and film footage rarely, if ever, seen before. The film is about 20 minutes long and is a perfect opener to accompany a local party branch meeting or public event. If the conditions of lock-down continue, we will launch the film at a Youtube ‘watch party’, and if possible, to every member during the centenary weekend.