Communists call for ‘Tidal wave’ of protest

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The Communist Party has welcomed the upsurge in protest against rising prices, job cuts and falling living standards.
  The party’s political committee on Sunday evening also urged the maximum unity between trade unions and a range of campaigning bodies as a series of strikes and protests are being organised in the autumn and early winter.
  ‘Picket lines and the Tory Party conference in Birmingham from October 2 provide ideal opportunities to step up the opposition to Tory government and big business policies’, the convenor of the CP anti-austerity commission Sean Cannon pointed out. In particular, he emphasised the need to highlight further threats to trade union rights and democratic freedoms being voiced by contenders Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak for the posts of Tory Party leader and British prime minister.
  ‘Together, we can launch a tidal wave of activity in the run-up to the national demonstration in London on November 5 announced by the People’s Assembly’, Mr Cannon suggested.
  But Britain’s Communists also repeated their call for the labour movement to put forward an alternative left-wing programme to end the ‘rip-off’ of privatisation and profiteering in the energy sector.
  ‘The Tories want to protect monopoly profits, but the most direct response to rocketing fuel prices is a statutory price cut and a system of price controls in place of the Ofgem charade, followed as soon as possible by the renationalisation of gas and electricity’, Sean Cannon insisted.
  ‘Only then can we ensure that these vital services are run in the interests of consumers, workers and the environment’, he added.