Communists Party welcomes Julian Assange ruling

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Our General Secretary, Comrade Robert Griffiths, welcomed the High Court ruling yesterday (20 May 2024) allowing Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to appeal against extradition to the USA to face multiple charges of espionage.

You can watch the full interview here:

‘For a change, the English judiciary has shown a spark of independence from British and US political power, but decisons in this case have been reversed before – and the ruling establishment is not called “America’s poodle” in foreign and military affairs for nothing’, he told Russian news channel RT.

‘Of course, Assange’s real crime in US eyes has been to expose US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan and the vast system of mass surveillance and subversion deployed against citizens and governments around the world, even spying on German ex-chancellor Angela Merkel, former UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon and current French president Macron’, he pointed out.

In the interview, our General Secretary also slammed the mainstream media and political parties in Britain and the West for refusing to stand in solidarity with Mr Assange – ‘with the honourable exception of the Morning Star and the half-hearted exception of the Guardian’, he added.

Insisting that the Wikileaks founder and Australian citizen had no chance of receiving a fair trial in the USA, he said the ‘only justifiable reason for Julian Assange to go there would be to receive a Congressional medal of honour for services to free speech, investigative journalism and a free media’.

Robert Griffiths has appeared on RT on several previous occasions when he has been free to express the Communist Party’s opposition to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. RT is currently banned from broadcasting in Britain.