Cubans marching for real freedom

‘FREEDOM’ – USA STYLE, MARCH IN CUBA – taking advantage of the ravages brought by Hurricane Elsa, the contraction of the economy as a result of the impact of Covid on the tourism industry, sporadic anti socialist demonstrations are taking place in Cuba. Participants support the USA and willfully ignore its shameful blockade of the island. American flags have been hoisted. Those marching appear to believe they are marching for USA-style ‘freedom’, when they are more likely to get the USA imperialism style of stewardship found in neighbouring Haiti.

In turn, Cuban communist and patriotic forces quickly mobilised to drown the USA supported putsch, in a sea of Cuban and red flags. Their demand, despite the evident hardship of the last year, focuses on the importance of sovereignty and revolutionary patriotic policies. No sham USA-style ‘freedom’ can deliver the kind of health and education services, which are fundamental to socialism in Cuba.