Evict this rotting, corrupt Tory regime

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In response to the Tory government’s King’s Speech, Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths has issued the following statement:

It’s just as well this government is running out of ideas, because most of them have been deeply reactionary, fraudulent, or both.

  Stripped of its ludicrous pomp, the King’s Speech confirmed that Sunak intends to fight the next General Election with the same “Big Lies” used against Keir Starmer’s predecessor. Labour and its leader will be accused of being unpatriotic, weak on defence, soft on crime, the enemy of the motorist and the friend of terrorists.

  Measures to extract more fossil fuels and loosen restrictions on property developers will further weaken the fight against environmental pollution and climate chaos. Sunak continues to rely on the private sector and market forces to meet people’s housing, healthcare, transport and economic modernisation needs, despite the abysmal record of the past 13 years.

  The Tories intend to serve up the same old rancid slop, with nothing to promote safe renewable energy, protect workers against P&O-style “fire and replace” mass sackings, rescue the steel industry, devolve more powers and resources to local government or build affordable homes in the public sector.

  Instead, local authorities will be prevented from cutting links with repressive regimes in Israel and elsewhere, and we can expect more anti-democratic and anti-trade union measures to come out of right-field. Legislation banning British governments from endorsing war crimes would be more appropriate.  

  As Starmer’s Labour sits on the fence, scared of its own shadow, the Communist Party calls for a united front of working-class and progressive movements to unite, take action and evict this rotting, corrupt Tory regime from Downing Street.