Fight for Palestine and protect peace in Latin America, CP Political Committee

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Monday’s Communist Party Political Committee Meeting (11 December 2023) noted that the resumption on 1 December of Israeli military attacks on Gaza after a 7 day truce marked another dangerous escalation in their campaign of collective punishment against the Palestinian people. The displacement of over 1.7 million citizens of Gaza (including 1 million in UNRWA shelters) alongside a rising death toll of almost 20,000 Palestinians, represents systemic ethnic cleansing by the Israeli Government.

While people across the world demanded an immediate ceasefire, the US stood alone at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) in vetoing that course of action. The British Government, in abstaining at the UNSC, stands complicit with Israeli genocide. Not only diplomatically, but in permitting the large scale provision of military equipment to the Israeli military by way of export licences and financing by British banks.

The important peace initiative by China has gone largely unreported in the Western media. The 5 point plan presented to a high level UNSC meeting on 29 November provides an immediate route to peace and to avoiding an escalation of military conflict in the Middle East region. The Chinese plan proposes an immediate ceasefire, protection of civilians, humanitarian assistance, enhanced diplomatic mediation and a political settlement based on the establishment of an independent Palestinian state – a prerequisite of a two state solution.

The Political Committee also noted that the escalation of the territorial dispute between Guyana and Venezuela in the contested and oil rich Essequibo region is a serious threat to peace in Latin America. The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) convened talks on 14 November between respective leaders of both nations, assisted by Brazilian President, are an opportunity for political dialogue between the two progressive led governments and a timely antidote to national chauvinism and unilateral action. Unity in the interests of the people of both nations must prevail over corporate interests and neo colonialism.