For peace and a just solution to the conflict in Ukraine

Joint statement by Communist and workers parties 

We the undersigned political parties welcome the statement of the World Peace Council of February 25, 2022, which:

Calls on all sides to the Russia-Ukraine conflict to restore and secure peace and international security through constructive political dialogue, noting that the Russian and Ukrainian people, as well as the peoples of the region, have nothing to gain from this military conflict.

Condemns the political and military manoeuvers of the USA, NATO and the European Union since the Euromaidan coup of 2014 after which reactionary forces took power in Kyiv with the open support of the Western imperialist powers.

Reiterates opposition to NATO’s eastward expansion, its military build-up in Eastern Europe and the encirclement of the Russian Federation.

Declares that the unilateral recognition of the independence of the Ukrainian provinces by Russia not only undermines the founding principles of the Charter of the United Nations, but also creates justification for the future abuse of such methods by the imperialist powers against other nations.

Recognises that this conflict is related to the control of energy resources, pipelines, markets and spheres of influence. 

On this basis, we the undersigned call for an immediate ceasefire and a halt to all military operations in Ukraine which threaten to escalate the war.

We urge the UNSC and neutral and non-aligned countries to convene talks aimed at de-escalating the conflict and laying the basis for a permanent, stable and peaceful settlement of all the substantial issues damaging Ukraine-Russian relations.

We call upon Russia to begin withdrawing its forces from Ukraine, that the United States and the European Union to commit themselves to a demilitatised and neutral Ukraine.

Members of the United Nations Security Council should be working for a ceasefire and peace instead of supporting one-sided resolutions that ignore the record of the Western powers and NATO when it comes to launching wars that violate international and humanitarian law, UN resolutions and the right of nations to sovereignty and self-determination.

It is notable that such a war is still being waged by Saudi Arabia and its Western backers against the near-defenceless people of Yemen, while northern Cyprus remains occupied by NATO member Turkey following its illegal invasion in 1974 and the British government continues its long history of denying the Irish people’s right to sovereignty and independence.

The best basis for a settlement of the Russia-Ukraine war would be one that takes full account of the Minsk II Agreement, including permanent recognition of Ukraine’s sovereign borders and autonomy for the Donbas region within Ukraine.

In order to create more favourable conditions for a ceasefire, negotiations and a permanent settlement, we reject sanctions against Russia, which is war by other means and will harm the wellbeing of the peoples of Russia, Ukraine and Europe generally.

We express our solidarity with the working classes of Ukraine and Russia who will pay the heaviest price for this instance of Russian military adventurism. 

We call for the unbanning of the Communist Party of Ukraine.

We call for united action by all progressive and peace forces in campaigning for the disbandment of NATO.

The EU is an active protagonist in events unfolding in Ukraine. We oppose the growing militarism and increased military spending by the EU under its PESCO (Permanent Structured Cooperation) programme as a growing threat to peace in Europe and globally. 

We reject all efforts to silence voices for peace and reconciliation, whether in Russia, Ukraine or elsewhere, and oppose bans on media outlets that do not propagate the world-view of Western imperialism and NATO. 

Stop the war, start the peace!

Supported by:

Communist Party of Britain

Communist Party of Ireland

Tudeh Party of Iran