56th Congress of the CPB
Dear comrades,
on the occasion of the 56th Congress of the Communist Party of Britain we are honoured to express our best wishes for good work and an internationalist greeting to all militants and to the working class of your country.
We have read the documents that you are going to discuss. With particular interest we have taken note of your analysis of the new cold war which is combined with a rampant and dangerous Sinophobia. In our view, the primary contradiction of our historical phase is that which divides Atlantic imperialism and Chinese-led multipolarism, and it is on this basis that we also note a division of the bourgeoisie itself in our country.
We also appreciate the reference to the struggle of our people against the institutional framework agreement with the European Union, which we too have opposed together with the Swiss trade union movement, and we share your view of the essentially imperialist character of the EU.
For our part, we are also preparing to enter the period of our 24th Congress, and certainly the theme of anti-imperialism and peace will be deepened. Our Party, made up above all of young people, must now make a qualitative leap from the point of view of organisation and territorial roots, and also from the point of view of exchanging experiences we will be happy to be able to build more intense relations of friendship and cooperation with British communists.
We are confident that the 56th Congress of the CPB will be a success that will give renewed impetus to the British workers’ movement and we send you our solidarity. With best wishes and socialist greetings.

General Secretary


The Secretary General Communist Party of Britain Robert Griffiths
Dear comrades delegates and guests of the Congress!

Dear Comrade Robert Griffiths!
Please accept warm and cordial greetings of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine and me personally to the delegates and guests of the 56th Congress of the Communist Party of Britain – the leading proletarian party, which, with its revolutionary and practical deeds since its founding in 1920, has proved its social and political singleness of purpose;
the Party at the forefront of the class struggle of the British working people against the capitalist exploitation of man by man, globalization, terrorism and the revival of fascism;
the Party that protects the democratic rights and freedoms of workers and actively fights to maintain peace on the planet
We wish the participants of the congress fruitful work, comradely understanding, political firmness and decisiveness in developing on the basis of a principled and creative understanding of Marxism-Leninism the modern social and political tasks of the Party, making wise decisions, remain worthy of our History and apply every effort to fulfill its role as the revolutionary, ideological and political vanguard of the working class.
Please also accept our sincere comradely gratitude to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Britain, to you, comrade Griffiths,
to the editorial staff of the Morning Star, to other comrades for your international solidarity and support of our Party.
We, the communists of Ukraine, are convinced that our international solidarity with you in the face of the most acute challenges of our time, as never before, passes the test of strength, that the guarantee of our common victory over the world of capital!
We wish you all political optimism and new achievements for the good of the working people of Britain!
Long live the Communist Party of Britain!
Long live Marxism-Leninism! Long live socialism!
Workers of all countries unite! With communist greetings, First secretary
Central Committee Communist Party of Ukraine
Petro Symonenko


Message of Greetings from the Communist Party of Bangladesh to the 56th Congress of the Communist Party of Britain.

Dear Comrades,
We are pleased to know that the 56th Congress of the Communist Party of Britain will take place on 6-7th November 2021. Indeed it is a big challenge to hold this Congress aftermath of Covid-19 Pandemic. The Communist Party of Bangladesh sincerely believes that Comrades in the Communist Party of Britain will be able to cope up with current situation and will hold a successful party congress.
The Communist Party of Britain has a long glorious history of building communist and progressive movement in British Society. Also it has a historic and traditional linkage with the communist movement of undivided India, which is a root of the Communist movement of Bangladesh.
Your Congress meets at a time when the pandemic has exposed the bankruptcy of global capitalism. Presently capitalism is confronted with its inherent decay and thus trying to rescue itself by using the policy of ‘privatization of profit and socialization of the burden of crises’. It has embarked on a cruel policy of austerity and privatisation in an all-out manner. The recent aggressiveness of imperialism, specially the US imperialism and its allies are reflection of the crisis of capitalism. For this reason, freedom is being trampled underfoot and nations are being harnessed to the global geopolitical strategy of imperialism to accentuate economic exploitation and social-political domination. The crisis of Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria and Palestine have again proved that the US imperialism has practically embarked on the mission of ‘re-colonization’.
Indeed the global assault of capitalism-imperialism calls for a new global coalition of all anti-imperialist forces of the world, for raising to a qualitatively new level of unity, cohesion, cooperation and coordination of the struggles of these forces all over the world. The Communist and Workers parties of the world have a crucial role to play in building up this coalition and spearheading the struggle for peace, democracy and justice.
Communist Party of Bangladesh firmly believes that the Communist, left-progressive and all truly patriotic forces ready to fight imperialist aggression will build up united struggle at the national, regional and global level at this critical time.
We believe your Congress will contribute in overcoming the present crisis and consolidating the achievements of the glorious struggle of the peoples of Britain.

Wish you further success in the struggle for peace, freedom, democracy and Socialism.
With solidarity and revolutionary greetings-
On behalf of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Bangladesh.

Mujahidul Islam Selim) General Secretary
(Md. Shah Alam) President


Congratulations to the British Communist Party
Dear Comrades, Members of the 56th Congress of the Communist Party of Britain,

Dear Comrade Robert Griffiths General Secretary of the British Communist Party

Warm greetings of camaraderie

The Central Committee of the Egyptian Communist Party extends its greetings and congratulations to you as it convenes its fifty-sixth (56th) conference of the British Communist Party, which has a long and honourable history of struggle.

With the communist parties around the world, including our Egyptian Communist Party, which stands in solidarity with you in all battles against right-wing deviation and imperialism and to reject the continuation of the Zionist occupation of sister Palestine and reject colonialism and military occupation all over the world…. We send greetings and wish you many victories.

October 1, 2021 The Central Committee of the Egyptian Communist Party General Secretary / Salah Adly


Dear comrades
On behalf of the communist party of Armenia please accept warm greetings to your 56th Congress.
Comrades, we closely follow your party’s struggle as part of the working class on the road to Socialism and your party’s contribution to internationalism.
We wish you fruitful deliberation of your comprehensive congress discussion points, and every success in charting the way towards socialist future.
We offer our complete solidarity to all your struggles.
Long live the CPB
Long live working class internationalism.


Dear comrades,On behalf of the Communist Party of Australia, please accept warm fraternal greetings to the 56th Congress of the Communist Party of Britain.As your Congress slogan states, the crisis is indeed capitalism. Therefore, the need for strong communist parties is of prime importance in order to deal with the existential threats posed by the climate catastrophe and imperialist wars. We wish you every success in your Congress deliberations and in preparing for the road ahead.Our two parties have recently met to deliberate on the campaign against AUKUS. We look forward to continuing our collaboration on projects of mutual interest.We would also like to take this opportunity to wish your party candidate success in the upcoming local by-elections.We once again wish you a successful Congress and look forward to its outcome. Long live working-class internationalism!
Long live socialism!

In socialism,

Vinnie Molina
International Department Communist Party of Australia 8th October 2021