MEETING NHS in crisis – Fighting back

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Across the Eastern Region, hospitals are in crisis and NHS dentists are closing. Join our meeting to hear from our panel of experts and campaigners.

Every week campaigners – include Toothless in Suffolk campaign mascot, ‘Flossy’ are on high streets in Suffolk.

Organised by the Norfolk and Suffolk Morning Star Supporters Group, this meeting has been called as a response to the growing crisis in NHS provision.

NHS Dentists in East Anglia are closing at an alarming rate and the few that remain have closed their books to new patients. The Tory Government couldn’t care less about the severe pain and financial hardship this has caused. 
Our Campaigns to restore NHS Dental Services and for a new hospital to replace the crumbling and collapsing QEH has received massive support from the people of East Anglia.
Come and hear from  Jo Rust from King’s Lynn Trades Council and the QEH campaign, NHS dentist Helen Duncan, Johnbosco Nwogbo, the Campaign Officer for We Own It, and Steve Marsling from the Toothless in Suffolk Campaign. 
Chaired by Mark Jones from the Toothless in Suffolk Campaign.

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