‘Money for war before the poor and working people”, Communist Party Political Committee

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“Money for war – none for the poor” is the real motto of Britain’s Conservative government, Chair Ruth Styles told the Party’s Political Committee yesterday evening, 23 January 2024.

She spoke as British and US airforces launched another bombing raid on Yemen, one of the world’s poorest countries. Until recently, Yemen has also been the target of an eight-year onslaught by a Saudi-led coalition armed by Britain, the US, South Korea and EU countries.

“The Western imperialist powers can stop the attacks by Yemeni Houthis on maritime trade with Israel by forcing the Israeli regime to end its genocidal war against the Palestinian people – but Prime Minister Sunak and President Biden always put the interests of big business first, at home and around the world”, Ms Styles declared.

She also contrasted the Tory government’s £7bn in military aid to prolong the war in Ukraine with the continuing assault on people’s living standards.

“Child poverty grows as all around them people see Britain turning into a polluted wasteland”, Ms Styles accused,

“We have a government that subsidises the arms, energy and transport fat cats as our social and economic infrastructure – the NHS, schools, council services, the Royal Mail, bus and train services – disintegrates”.

Britain’s Communists saluted the determination of workers in transport, health, education, retail and other sectors to take action in defence of pay, jobs and services in defiance of the new strike-breaking law.

In particular, the CP political committee urged solidarity with Port Talbot steelworkers threatened with 2,800 redundancies, calling instead for renationalisation of the steel industry in return for massive state investment in a job-saving ‘green transition’ strategy for the strategic industry.

The Communist Party finalised its plans to join the TUC demonstration against anti union laws and to mark Holocaust Memorial Day this weekend and to participate in the next national Palestine solidarity march in London on 3 February 2024.