‘Real struggle not bogus debate’ the way forward – CP

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‘We appear to be entering a General Election period, even though no election has to be held until January 2025’, Tony Conway reported to the Communist Party political committee on Monday evening (September 2025). 

  ‘The Conservatives are attempting to put clear blue water between themselves and Labour, with government ministers and right-wing think-tanks using issues such as low emission zones, oil and gas drilling, inheritance tax, benefit fraud, refugees and the European Convention on Human Rights to wrong-foot Keir Starmer’s feeble and vacillating Shadow Cabinet’, the former PCS national officer declared. 

  But he also warned that, despite the capitalist media’s attempts to invent or highlight any significant differences between the two main parties, Labour and the Conservatives both support the economic and social status quo.

  ‘The smart way to keep people from rebelling against the whole system is to strictly limit the spectrum of public opinion reported in the mass media, while playing up any differences within that narrow range of acceptable views’, Mr Conway noted. ‘This gives people the sense that free and lively debate is going on, while reinforcing the idea that no other options exist or are remotely practical’.

  The result, he concluded, is that any government that replaces the Conservative administration will have no programme for far-reaching change.

  ‘Yet we can also see in the struggles of workers and peoples here and around the world that victories and even fundamental changes can be won’, the Communist Party’s anti-racism, anti-fascism officer noted.

  Britain’s Communists urged a big turnout for the People’s Assembly demonstration next Sunday at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester. 

  The CP political committee also welcomed the recent ‘G77+China’ summit in Cuba, where the leaders of 135 countries called for a ‘new global order’ in which US and Western imperialist states and their transnational corporations no longer dominate and grossly distort the economies of developing countries. 

  ‘The terrorist attack on the Cuban Embassy in Washington DC last Sunday reflects the alternative mindset, where US governments assume the right to bully and sanction countries that do not submit to their will, regardless of international law’, Tony Conway pointed out.