Tories and Starmer offer little or nothing, say Communists

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‘There’s little or nothing to choose between the two right-wing contenders for Tory Party leader and prime minister’, Robert Griffiths told the Communist Party’s political committee on Tuesday evening (August 2).
  ‘Touting for votes from one of the most reactionary electorates in Europe, namely, card-carrying Conservatives, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak attack the same old scapegoats for 12 years of Tory misrule: migrants, refugees, trade unionists, public servants and the unemployed’, he declared.
  The CP general secretary accused the two candidates of proposing nothing to challenge the ‘oil profiteers, the energy fat cats and the land and property speculators who are plunging millions more people into poverty’.
  ‘Both Truss and Sunak appeal to British nationalism and jingoism, while refusing to maximise the potential benefits of Brexit by radically reforming VAT and public procurement rules and rebuilding a regional economic development policy based on the direction of private capital investment’, Mr Griffiths continued.
  But Britain’s Communists also slammed Labour leader Keir Starmer’s failure to back workers fighting for pay, jobs and services.
  ‘He should be inspiring people with bold, popular policies such as public ownership, selective price controls and a wealth tax, not continuing Labour’s purge of its left-wing and anti-war activists’, Robert Griffiths insisted.
  The CP political committee condemned the visit of US House of Representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi to the self-styled ‘Republic of China (Taiwan)’ as ‘pointlessly provocative’. In particular, the appearance of four US warships off the eastern coast of Taiwan was condemned as ‘a dangerous escalation of tension’ with the People’s Republic of China.