‘Who rules Britain?’ Communists ask

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The Communist Party has warned the labour movement against complacency after the Tory Party’s slump in the opinion polls and the downfall of Liz Truss.
  As Rishi Sunak moved into Ten Downing Street on Tuesday, Johnnie Hunter told the CP political committee that the change of prime minister showed who really runs Britain.
  ‘The Bank of England, the City of London and its financial markets sacked Truss because she had no coherent, credible strategy for subsidising big business profits from a fresh round of severe public spending cuts’, he claimed.
  ‘Far from being wise, moderate forces for stability, the casino capitalists were prepared to create contrived chaos in the bond and currency markets in order to replace Britain’s shortest-serving prime minister with its richest-ever one’, the Young Communist League general secretary insisted.
  ‘As in the 1960s and 1970s, these same forces would turn ruthlessly on any Labour government that puts the interests of working people and their families above those of monopoly capital and the super-rich’, Mr Hunter added.
  Britain’s Communists said the struggle facing the working class and peoples of England, Scotland and Wales was against not only the Conservative government but against a vicious ruling class offensive to slash living standards, public services and trade union and civil liberties.
  The CP political committee urged trade unions, the labour movement and the left not to underestimate the capacity of the Tories and their business and media backers to spread lies and divisions between now and the next General Election.
  ‘Our response must be to support and spread industrial action, turn out in our thousands for the TUC-backed demonstration in London and local picket lines on November 5 and to demand positive left and progressive policies from the Labour Party leadership’, Johnnie Hunter concluded.
  As well as deciding to hold a series of public meetings around Britain, the Communist Party finalised plans for chair Ruth Styles and international secretary Kevan Nelson to attend the annual international meeting of Communist and workers’ parties in Havana at the weekend, while CP general secretary Robert Griffiths goes to Caracas for the congress of the Communist Party of Venezuela.