Centenary Events September – December 2020

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The August meeting of the Communist Party executive agreed a schedule of events to step-up commemoration of its centenary. These include major online meetings and conferences: Cable street forever! (4 October), Salute the Volunteers for Liberty in Spain (17 October), Launch of Communist Party history (Mid-November) and a conference on The Future of Work (5 December).

All of these events will be free of charge and open to CP/YCL members and supporters. Registration for all but the ’Salute’ will be via the Communist Party website.

On 4 October there will be a major conference of Scottish Morning Star Supporters. The calendar of the CP is regularly checked and squared-up against events of the wider labour movement. In this instance, a clash of dates was unavoidable and so, organisers will be working to ensure that a keynote speech from the Cable Street event is broadcast live, to participants at the Star conference in Glasgow. Watch this space.

Cable Street Forever! will involve public leafletting in the weeks up to and following the event (observing best practice of social distancing regulations etc) and meetings with local community and faith groups. A webinar on the day will bring leading labour and community movements together, including from within Tower Hamlets, to talk about the history and contemporary relevance of the struggle for unity and against racism. That weekend the Morning Star will include a Battle of Cable Street supplement.

Just two weeks later, the CP and International Brigade Memorial Trust will collaborate to Salute the Volunteers for Liberty who went to Spain to fight in the International Brigades. Many did not return. Wreath laying ceremonies will be held in four major centres in England, Scotland and Wales. 
In early November (7th) we publish the first ever, single-volume history of the party, covering the entire period since its foundation in 1921. A week later we host a public meeting at which you will be able to listen to and ask questions of, a panel of the writers, who contributed to new book.

In early December we host ‘The Future of Work‘ (5 December) conference. This conference brings together some of the speakers who participated in the recent Red Wedge events on ‘The Future of Work’ and ’Take the Road’, which brought together union activists, researchers and professionals working at the cutting edge of technology, including Artificial Intelligence.

  • How do Marxists view the development of work?
  • How can a left government implement strategies for employment, technology development and investment in manufacturing?

The speakers will be augmented by government ministers responsible for employment and labour in a number of countries. Let the discussion begin!

The website will be updated regularly as speakers and details are confirmed.