COMMIECAST – Podcasts for the struggle

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Our CommieCast series, will include features/interviews on housing, education, transport, community building and fighting crime, the state of health and Progressive Federalism. To listen in, go here In the first issue, CP general secretary Rob Griffiths and interviewer Stewart McGill … Continued

Ceasefire now! End the war in Ukraine

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Meeting at the weekend the Welsh Communists condemned the unjustifiable invasion of Ukraine by Putin’s forces and called for an immediate ceasefire and withdrawal of troops. Welsh Secretary David Morgan told the meeting ‘People of all ethnicities in Ukraine, regardless, … Continued

#VoteCommunist – in London

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COVID hit Britain after 10 years of austerity decimated public services and increased inequality and poverty throughout the Country. Since 2010 we have seen major cuts to public services. Fire stations have closed at a time when the risk to … Continued

#VoteCommunist-in Scotland

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Scotland’s Communists are calling for: A real living wage for all workers of at least £10.32 per hour. A ban on zero hours and non-permanent contracts, day one employment rights and rights to equal treatment with permanent and full-time workers. … Continued