Support the Bus drivers dispute. Public transport is the future

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Welsh Communists send our support and solidarity to striking bus drivers across Wales.  The two disputes; with Stagecoach in South Wales and Arriva in North Wales, highlight the rip-off mentality of our privatized transport sector.  Both companies shamelessly offer poverty pay, while raising fares and presiding over a shrinking network.

The behaviour of the Arriva fat cats whose system see Wales staff paid £1.80 less an hour than colleagues in north-west England, is indefensible. It should be a priority of our Britain wide labour movement to support the strikers and strike a blow against unjust and divisive approach. Tory concepts of the ‘union’ of the United Kingdom has nothing to do with fairness and redistribution.  It boils down to giving free reign to the privateers for a race to the bottom in wages terms and conditions.

Investment in public transport is vital to our survival.  Public transport has the potential to be a key driver in the de-carbonising agenda we need to save our planet.

We need a system that enables people to travel for work within or near their local community, comfortably and affordably. The long commute by private car must be consigned to the history books, replaced by efficient public transport.

Together with the transport unions, the Communist Party believes that bus services and the railways should be brought back into public ownership, where they can be properly planned, coordinated and funded. 

Well-funded integrated public transport is our future.  As well as investments in infrastructure, rail rolling stock and greener buses this means a fair wage to transport workers!