‘Communities fit for working class people!’

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Communists have launched their election campaign. We have a strong case to make in England, Scotland and Wales.

Our message, ‘Communities fit for working class people!’ is bold, radical and just what local communities need. Facing the uncertainty of imperialist adventure and war abroad and economic crisis and a health crisis at home, it may be tempting for voters to turn their back on the booths. 
So the opening shot of our campaign is aimed at young people, to register to vote.

We do not pretend for a second that voting will change a capitalist system. But for some it’s a statement of protest. For others, linked to campaigns, its an opportunity to get out in communities and organise for change. A voting campaign on general and local issues also provides the chance to bring together various struggles and campaigns such as against food poverty, for council home building and municipal control of local transport.

The party will stand candidates across Britain. Our aim is to ‘Return powers to the Scottish and Welsh parliaments so they can rebuild communities. Elect regional assemblies in England to do the same. But workers and families are stronger when we all pull together and put pressure on Westminster.’
There are policies to: 

  • move ownership and control downwards to local communities
  • return control of education to local authorities
  • invest in council housing
  • achieve pay rises and rights at work from day one
  • invest in free council-run leisure and making streets safe
  • restore to councils the legal right to run local transport
  • learn the lessons of Covid.

What is important is that hundreds of thousands will find out direct from the party what the communists stand for and what their policies aim to achieve It won’t be what the big business media tell them we stand for. 

We are confident our case stacks up. But you can find out for yourself by reading our manifesto. If even parts of it motivate you to get more involved, then that’s good. 

Those new to politics can find out more by reading ‘Introducing Marxism’, available free for the duration of the campaign and our programme Britain’s Road to Socialism If you are younger and want to find out more, you can view the Young Communist League ‘Youth Charter’ here for free too.
We look forward to meeting you or hearing from you during our campaign and, more, we extend an outstretched hand of comradeship to those who want to join us.