Communist Review -Centenary Edition

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Order now, a bumper 48-page edition of Communist Review #96, currently rolling off the presses, and ready for distribution mid-July. You can purchase or subscribe easily here. Purchase includes a digital download with print copy to follow. With a subscription you can apply to, for a code and instructions on accessing the Communist Review digital archive.

In this Centenary issue you will find articles from CP general secretary Rob Griffiths, 100 Years of the Communist Party, Peter Kerrigan, The Communist Party in the Industrial Struggle, Part 1 (archive article), Idris Cox, Against Imperialism: the first 50 years (archive article), Phil Katz, The Communist Party from 1939 to the Campaign for a Second Front, Soul Food on Poets of Commitment: British Communist Poets and Fran Lock, Flags, Fascism, Mourning and the Machinery of Capitalism. Priced £3 only plus shipping, it’s not to be missed.