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“Tory under-investment and privatisation have undermined our NHS, and led to one of the worst death rates in the world”, says Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths.

“There should be no doubt anymore about who does the vital work upon which our whole society depends – the workers who staff our medical, caring and public services; the workers who produce and distribute our food, medicines and other essential supplies; the workers by hand and brain who develop and sustain the very infrastructure of a modern economy.

“In order to meet the challenges of this and future deadly pandemics, we cannot rely on multinational corporations to produce the hospital and protective equipment, the medicines, the track-and-trace systems and the vaccines that will be so desperately needed – they should be nationalised and made to serve the public good.   

“ We will emerge from this crisis, albeit with scores of thousands of dead in England, Scotland and Wales and millions more around the world.”

“ But even before then, we must fight to protect every job. And we must campaign against Tory government plans to make us – the people, the real wealth creators past and present – pay the bills for this crisis.”

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