The Communist Party has called for urgent action to guarantee employment, income, housing and food security in the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic. 

‘Millions of workers are facing cuts in hours or lay-offs and redundancies’, the party’s Trade Union Organiser Andy Bain reported at its Political Committee on Wednesday evening.  ‘Unemployment is set to rise to at least 10 per cent by the end of this year on present projections, unless the Tory government takes the necessary steps to break the circuit of infection with public support’, he added. 

The Political Committee said that a short, sharp, all-Britain lockdown was now necessary in order to stop the spread of the pandemic and end the confusion created by nine different emergency systems operating in the three nations of Britain. 

‘But even a circuit-breaking lockdown may not succeed without widespread public compliance and participation – which is far less likely if people fear that they will lose income they need to pay their mortgage, rent and food and energy bills’, Mr Bain declared.  Britain’s Communists also urged workers and unions to stop the job in workplaces that fail to comply with anti-Covid safety regulations. 

‘Governments in London, Edinburgh and Cardiff and workplace inspectorates must come down hard on employers who flout health and safety laws, which include the right of workers to refuse to work in dangerous conditions’, insisted Mr Bain, a former trade union president.  He urged workers to fight against closures and mass redundancies, pointing out that the right to picket, protest and demonstrate is protected under anti-Covid regulations, provided people abide by masking and social distancing requirements. 

The CP political committee welcomed invitations from the Chinese, French, Russian, Australian and Venezuelan parties to participate in online events this autumn and winter.