PREVIEW: ‘Red Lives’

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The communist party centenary team has been working on a compilation of biographies of communist activists. This will be published in book form in July, entitled Red Lives- 100 years for socialism.To mark the launch of the new Communist Party website we have published a small number, some written by friends, family, activists and historians. You can view them via the link below.

These remarkable men and women, young, veteran black and white have displayed a brave and really thoughtful contribution to the struggle for socialism over the last hundred years.Some fought in Spain, entered South Africa clandestinely, organised the London markets or the Scots coalfields, led housing campaigns in the Midlands and fought racism in the Cardiff docks.

Many went to prison for their beliefs. Its a collective story of sacrifice, with an unrivalled contribution to building solidarity with labour movements and the oppressed abroad. In the occupied Channel Islands, whilst the Communist Party was being repressed on the mainland, party members formed the main resistance to the Nazis.

A significant number of members, in Spain as volunteers and in the armed forces paid with their lives. Later this year the centenary committee is organising a wreath laying weekend to members who lie buried throughout Britain and as far afield as Madrid, Dublin and in Moscow.They are an inspiring tale, and the story continues today with each joiner to the Communist Party bringing new experiences and strengths to the struggle for socialism.